KGB Gone


See here for more.  It was the right thing to do.  KGB has been utterly ineffective for more than 1 1/2 years.  (Yes, I’m aware of his sack totals from last year — several of them were flukey, garbage-time sacks and not indicative of his overall level of play.)

That said, I’ve always liked the guy.  His humility never seemed inauthentic or forced and he was a class act.

Here is the statement he issued after learning the news:

My nine years as a Green Bay Packer have been a blessing that is beyond words. I thank God for bringing me to this first-class organization and first-class community. During my time here, I’ve built relationships with a number of people in the Packer family. The front office executives, G.M.s, coaches, past and present players, the enormous support and administrative staff plus the greatest fans in football, all have helped make my time here truly special and I am thankful for that. It has been a very positive experience. I was able to build a family here and grow with a community that I call home. Again, I’ve been truly blessed. I don’t know what my football future holds, but one thing I’ve realized is that football is more than a game – it’s about building relationships and changing lives. One of the commitments I’ve had throughout my career has been to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is something that I intend on doing whether on the field or not. God bless the Green Bay Packers!”

By contrast, here is Ted Thompson’s statement:

“We want to thank Kabeer for his contributions to the Green Bay Packers. During his time here, he has been a big part of our organization and our community. We wish Kabeer and his family well.”

Wow.  Heartfelt.  I’m not sure he could have produced a more perfunctory statement if he tried.  My thoughts on the whole Brett Favre debacle are well known to anyone who reads this site and Favre gets the lion’s share of the blame.  But it was evident at the beginning of that episode and throughout that Thompson’s communications skills are, well, lacking.


One Response to “KGB Gone”

  1. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    What would you have had Thompson say? I just really don’t get it. I see nothing wrong with Thompson’s statement. I can’t see eye to eye with the people that would rather him tear up like a blubbering old biddy.

    This is a man’s sport. Thank you and good luck. That is all that needs to be said. Do you think Lombardi’s statement to the press would have been substantially different than Thompson’s? How?

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