Game Keys – Titans

  • get the ball in Jennings’ hands – even run a reverse or something – just get him the ball today.
  • get the ball to James Jones. Jones is a guy Tenn likely hasn’t done much preparation for Jones and what he can offer because there is very limited tape on him from this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if McCarthy has game-planned some for Jones today.
  • open up the passing game with Donald Lee, Tory Humphrey and Korey Hall.
  • don’t abandon the run even if it’s not working that well – keep a nice mix of plays so that at the least, Tenn has to guess re what may be coming next. Also, don’t be afraid to mix some plays in for Brandon Jackson just to give Tenn a different looking back.
  • Misdirection plays – don’t keep running the same straight-up zone stuff that seems so predictable. Run some misdirection plays, some naked bootlegs (for QB keepers) and a reverse or two. Just mix it up today.
  • Defense can stuff the box but I kind of want Chillar to start in order to help defend the TEs considering Collins is a big fan of TEs.
  • Instruct Bigby to have a big hit on Chris Johnson early on – just to remind him that life in the NFL isn’t just one easy 60 yard TD after another.

4 Responses to “Game Keys – Titans”

  1. bucky Says:

    Don’t like the reverse idea- Tennessee gets upfield in a hurry, and that seems like a recipe for a -12. I think the key here is that the Packers need to mix things up to keep the Titans off balance. And it will really help if Green Bay can jump out to a lead, because I see the Titans as being one of the best teams in the league when playing with a lead.

    And like I say every week, line play is gonna be huge, but I really don’t see how the Packers can dominate the line on either side of the ball against the Titans. Still, if they can fight to close to a draw, I think that will leave us in pretty good shape, since the Packers’ skill players (and yeah, I hate that term) are better than than the Titans’, and on offense they are a LOT better.

    I think getting healthy is a plus, as is the bye. I think Tennessee’s monday nighter against a tough divisional foe is a minus for them. I see the Packers winning by 6-8 points.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Chalk that one up to Barnett and Harrel. Overtime tackling was bad, very bad. Loose defense at the end of Regulation – I blame Sanders for that. Bad play calling in third and fourth quarter – MM that was you.

    Overall, played well but that should have been a wiin. I want to see AJ in the middle. I’ve had it with Barnett.

  3. DaveK Says:

    Why the hell did they go with only two linebackers to start overtime? You’re playing nickel against the Titans to start overtime? Nickel against a team that runs the ball a whole lot better then they pass it. The result was a couple huge runs up the middle that sealed the game.

  4. bucky Says:

    I think the defense on the last few drives was poor, although I don’t know how much Harrell and Barnett had to do with it. Barnett did not have a good game, but the guy who really needs to be pink-slipped is Poppinga. Sorry, but I just don’t see how he has a job in this league.

    I think the real problem was the playcalling the last few drives. The coaching staff needs to put the team in the best position to win, and I don’t think they did that today. The running game was doing wsell, but they totally abandoned it the last few drives. And even if the plays don’t get great yardage, they at least keep the defense honest.

    Finally, the one thing about the Titans- they don’t beat themselves. No turnovers counts for a great deal.

    Still, while I’m not happy about this one, I’m also not too discouraged. The Packers played the best team in football on the road and hit them in tghe mouth and held their own. Green Bay is still the best team in the division, and still has a chance to go deep in the postseason.

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