Rodgers signs long-term deal with Pack


I like extending Rodgers and any of our young players who are really good. I think that is a sensible philosophy – get them signed before their contract even comes close to expiring to avoid all the crap that comes with waiting until the last possible moment. Smart.

This has the feel of a Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun-type signing. (I’ve compared Aaron Rodgers to Braun before and here I go again). The Brewers were proactive extending Braun earlier this year and they did it at a smart time – before Braun had more opportunity to gain national exposure and accomplish more which most certainly would have made his stock rise (and his signing demands rise hugely). By getting Rodgers extended now, the Packers are able to get him by negotiating with just Rodgers and not having to worry about possible interest from other teams. Also, by signing Rodgers now, the Packers may have saved themselves money if Rodgers goes on to dominate in the 2nd half of the season – if they would have waited and Rodgers had done this, the Pack would be shelling out a lot more money.

Now, there is an injury risk and always the risk that Rodgers pulls a Cletidus Hunt and just sucks because he has a new contract. That latter seems unlikely to me at this point – the former is a concern. I don’t know any of the details of the contract like guaranteed money etc, but I would think the Packers would work in language to protect them if Rodgers gets a major injury. Will be interesting to learn more re the contract itself.

Overall though – I’m pleased. Go Rodgers.

8 Responses to “Rodgers signs long-term deal with Pack”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    I think this is a smart move. The injury risk is still a concern but Rodgers has shown he can play through pain and play pretty well too. I also don’t think we need to worry about Rodgers being another Hunt – Rodgers knows that the minute he starts to slip he’ll get the Favre comparisons again. He really seems like he has something he wants to prove.

    Any long term contract is a risk, but I think this was a good decision.

    Now we just need to sign Jennings to a similar contract.

  2. DaveK Says:

    When you find a QB that has shown the accuracy, smarts, composure, and arm strength of Rodgers along with all the other intangibles that are required to be a team leader and franchise QB then you better get him locked into a long term deal. There are about 20 other teams that would love to have him.

  3. RayMidge Says:

    Great move. I understand that a major reason for the timing is that contracts signed before this Monday allow money to be counted against this years salary cap number and the Pack is $20 mil (!!) under at the moment. For that reason we could be hearing about Jennings soon too. I would consider signing either guy long term to be a no-brainer, so might as well do it now and use that space down the road for the next Woodson, Reggie White etc…

  4. DaveK Says:

    Per NFL network:
    Six year deal worth $65 million with $20 million guaranteed. So, he’ll average $10.83 million a year.

    Romo signed a similar deal for $67 million with $30 million guaranteed. Average of $11.2 million a year.

    Rothlesburger, in March, signed an eight year contract for $102 with $36 guaranteed. $12.75 average per year.

    Two years ago the Saints signed Brees for six years at $60 million with $10 million guaranteed.

  5. The Choj Says:

    just bought myself a nice autographed a-rodg mini-helmet to add to the memorabilia collection…good to know it wasn’t in vain


  6. Jimmy Says:

    I think this was a smart move by the Packers. I have been very impressed with the play by Rodgers thus far. I just hope the fans will start to move on at some point regarding Brett. I think most have, but some just can’t deal with change. Sad, very sad.

  7. DaveK Says:

    A little more is out about the contract from PFT. It is actually 63.5 million over FIVE years. It was originally reported at $65 million over SIX years. So, the average is $12.7 million which makes him top 5 paid QB in the league. The contract is also front loaded with a signifigant portion of it paid this year as the Packers had plenty of cap room. (apparently Jennings has declined to redo his contract until the offseason.) The first three years of the contract pay $28 million. But, the Packers only guaranteed $20 million of the contract which is lower then other recently signed QB contracts. It looks like the Packers think they found their franchise QB and have paid him in that regard but didn’t really break the bank and protected themselves as much as possible against injury with the low guaranteed amount. Rodgers goes from $680,000 base salary to probably around $10-$12 million this year. I am guessing both sides are very very happy.

    I wonder if the Bears give Orton an extension before Monday. I believe he and Grossman both signed one year deals before the season. I don’t think the Bears have much cap room this year though and may have to wait until after the season. Of course, he could then sign anywhere at that point. It would be comical if the Bears finally found a decent QB only to let him slip away.

  8. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i think the only real concern i’ve heard about rodgers is his willingness to be a vocal leader – essentially, to be an asshole when necessary – something i think we’ve realized favre was more than willing to do.

    but i remember stories about favre being essentially ‘whipped’ by sterling sharpe (who was his own brand of asshole), and i think it was helpful, while simultaneously devastating, that sharpe had a career-ending injury. a similar thing has happened to eli manning re: shockey (although i still think manning’s a puss). of course, the comparisons don’t match up perfectly, since there isn’t a veteran prick in the huddle with rodgers, but i think the situation he’s in this year, and that it’s only his third year – his willingness to expect more from his surrounding cast will only grow, and given what we’ve seen from him so far, he’ll deserve the respect he’ll ultimately demand.

    and… just for perspective’s sake: let’s just say you were making $40,000/year at your current job, and the 2nd quarter results came in from corporate, and they were quite favorable, especially given that one of the more prolific salesman in the company’s history had left the previous year – well, if this should happen to any of you, and you believe in precedent being important, even across industries — go ahead and ask for that raise. if you get it, you’ll be making about $705,000.

    in the words of frank barone – holy crap.

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