Fired up for the 5 receiver set


Nice article here by Chris Jenkins (AP article picked up by the Chicago Tribune – they probably printed this article because more and more Chicago residents are apparently becoming Packer fans after realizing that being a Bears’ fan sucks – just like da Bears suck – go Lions). Anyway, the article should get you excited about a dimension of our offense that has been non-existent this year due to injury: the 5 receiver set. I like Rodgers’ breakdown of why this is a particularly difficult offensive set to defend. I’d add to his bright analysis that one additional issue for opposing teams is that once a pass is completed, opposing defenders have to contend with some decent downfield WR blocking (with Ruvell Martin leading the way – though I must say, I think Greg Jennings, as good as he is, could improve his blocking some).

It’s also just exciting to have James Jones back. Rodgers likes Jones a lot and Jones has to be about the scariest #3/4/5 (whatever he is now) receiver in the NFL. I get the sense with Jones that we’ve only had a tiny glimpse of his potential so far and that he could become a force for us in the second half of the season – as long as the knee injury hasn’t slowed him down. And his presence, instead of taking away opportunities from play-makers like Driver and Jennings, will actually just provide them with better opportunities for success because the defense will be (or should be) at least partially distracted by Jones.

In fact, thinking further, I’ll go so far as to state that if the Pack doesn’t use the 5 receiver set EARLY on in the game, that would be foolish. Tenn has a very strong defense and throwing something different/difficult at them early might make the statement right away that this is not another ordinary suffocate-the-opposing-offense type of day for their defense. And, the 5 receiver set, as long as Rodgers can make quick reads, doesn’t have much downside. I also think some no huddle work could be helpful against the Titans in the first half to catch them off guard here and there and to tire out fatter guys like Haynesworth. I guess my ultimate hope is that we can work some twists in like this early in order to help jumpstart the running game so that it’s functioning effectively for the 4th quarter when we are protecting our lead.

2 Responses to “Fired up for the 5 receiver set”

  1. cuqui Says:

    McCarthy reports on Friday that Jordy Nelson sprained his ankle Thursday and missed practice Friday. Listed as questionable for Titans’ game, will be tested Sunday to see if he can go. So Big 5 might be delayed…

  2. DaveK Says:

    The crucial part of five wide is the QB. The d-line gets to come full force with no RB in the backfield and no extra TE in to help block. No draw play to worry about. No screen play to sniff out. The DE’s don’t have to worry about the edge. The only thing they have to worry about is getting to the QB in the quickest way possible. So, you better have lineman that hold blocks one on one for a few seconds and you better have a QB that can make a quick decision and make a throw under some pressure. Five wide played well into Favre’s strengths and I hope Rodgers can be just as effective.

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