2008 Week 9 picks

  • GB @ Tenn (-4.5) – Pack to win, Pack better team, Tenn overrated, Fisher mullet in past – looked bad.
  • Hou @ Minn (-4.5) – Minn good 1st half, bad 2nd, Dunta 2 picks, Frerotte terrible, new QB contro
  • Jax @ Cincy (+7.5) – Jax to run wild; did Maurice keep his married name?
  • Balt @ Cleve (-1.5) – Still anti-Balt, Cleve is back, Crennel getting fatter as I write
  • Phi @ Sea (+6.5) – Done picking against Phil every week, so Sea likely to win outright
  • Det @ Chi (-12.5) – Orton must have puke game soon – this week? No, but close game.
  • AZ @ St. L (+2.5) – No idea here. None. Take St L because they have a giant arch.
  • Dal @ NYG (-7.5) – Brad Johnson very bad, but team still good – Johnson kind of looks like Ernie Els.
  • NE @ Indy (-5.5) – Peyton Manning #22 rated QB right now – whining not helping.
  • NYJ @ Buff (-5.5) – tough game – Favre turnovers the difference? Rian Lindell the difference
  • Atl @ Oak (+2.5) – Tempted w/Oak, but Atlanta got screwed in Philly, might have won.
  • TB @ KC (+8.5) – KC looked very good last week. Tyler Thigpen looked really really good.
  • Mia @ Den (-3.5) – Ricky Williams likes Denver – it too is a mile high.
  • Pitt @ Wash (-2.5) – Portis monster, Moss monster. Campbell, cool. Cooley, cool…ey. Andy, lame.

2 Responses to “2008 Week 9 picks”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    The Cardinals -2.5? St. Louis has the Arch, but the Cardinals have Warner, Fitzgerald, Boldin, and Hightower. Unless Leinart plays, the Cards should cover easily.

    NE @ Indy — Manning may be whining, but Brady is in LA hoping they don’t have to cut on his knee again. The Pats have 5 wins on 5 cupcakes. The Colts are not as good as they were last year, but the Patriots have fallen off a cliff. It may not be by much, but I think IND can cover 5.5.

  2. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i have to agree on Arizona. i think st. louis could handle hightower alone, but not hightower, tackleberry, mahoney and jonesey all at the same time – they just don’t match up. that band of misfits always seems to end up on top, and i don’t see harris getting his way anytime soon.

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