Bedard – good points re Packers defense


Read here from Greg Bedard this morning at jsonline. I like this article because it asks an important and difficult question: could the starting defensive players returning from injury actually disrupt the nice defensive rhythm the Packers have enjoyed for the last 2 games?

Now, I do think defense can be a rhythm thing and that it’s possible by starting some of these recently injured but now healthy players, positive momentum could be disrupted. But I don’t think it will. I would say that the time off for the starters mostly served to improve the play of the back-ups and give them very valuable live-game experience. As Bedard pointed out, Rouse, Blackmon, Williams, Jeremy Thompson – all these guys looked good and the defense as a whole seemed to really work well within Bob Sanders’ scheme. In particular, having A Rouse and T Williams playing well could be a quiet and massively important factor down the stretch here. If there are any injuries, or if a player needs a breather, or we want to go with more and more nickel packages like Sanders’ did against the Colts, having these guys available and playing well could really help us wear down/discourage opposing offenses.

This week, I would start Bigby, Harris and Montgomery if they are back to 100%. I would remove one starter from the starting line-up though: Brady Poppinga (no surprise to any frequent readers). Brandon Chillar has played well of late and again, if Bob Sanders continues to go with nickel packages more often (on run and pass plays as he did against the Colts), I wouldn’t be surprised if Chillar not only starts but plays more and more.

4 Responses to “Bedard – good points re Packers defense”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Geez, I am not going to fret about Harris and Bigby coming back. They now have three corners who they know can play and cover man to man. They have three safties they trust. They have finally found a sam LB who can cover a TE. I would think that gives a defense some real flexibility to throw coverages and blitzes at teams they have not seen before on film. The game plan against Indy was effective and I hope they continue to find creative way to use all this extra talent.

    I think the Packers defense matches up fairly well against the Titans. Stopping the run game will be key but I will guess that with eight in the box and run blitzes that they can contain their run game. That leaves our suddenly healthy and talented secondary to man up against a real average group of wide receivers and a QB that isn’t probably going to beat you vertically. They are classic ball control offense that thrives on short yardard via runs, check downs, and short passing. Limiting their yardard on first down and force them into some passing situations will be key for the defense in getting off the field.

    The Titan’s defense is the scary part of this team. Don’t turn the ball over. Take some shots downfield but mainly play the field position game. Punt if needed. (no 4th down runs plans please!) Take the field goal if needed. Just don’t give their offense a short field and allow them an early lead. Ball security and field position. Keys to this game.

  2. bucky Says:

    I think the Packer D can only improve with guys getting healthy, both starters and backups. Not that the guys filling in did a bad job; to the contrary, they did just fine, and gained valuable experience and confidence that will only serve to make the roster deeper.

    Agree about Poppinga. I think I’ve said it before; Poppinga is a high-motor guy who looks great in practice, but in the game that motor seems to quickly take him in directions he shouldn’t be going. So he always finds himself out of position. I never understood why Abdul Hodge couldn’t do the job he does, but better.

    I like the Packers’ chances this Sunday, not only because of the bye, and guys coming back healthy, but also because Tennessee is coming off a tough divisional game- and has a short week as a result.

  3. cuqui Says:

    Thompson has played better with each passing week and offers a much better option than Montgomery, IMO.

    I think Woodson gets 2 picks this week. He knows Collins from their time together in Oakland and I can just see him jumping routes and baiting Kerry all day long.

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    cuqui, Agree, the best thing that has happened to the Packer defense over the last month was Montogomery sitting on the bench. In a few weeks Thomson has turned into a much better player than Montgomery. Keep him off the field, the guy is the poster child for “giving up the corner”. You want examples? Jones TD and 2nd and 9 run by TB that was the end for the Packers. Montgomery stinks.

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