Tyler Thigpen…not bad?


Wow – hard to believe I could write this but Tyler Thigpen looks pretty good for KC vs the NYJ. Though I’d much rather be watching the NO vs SD game in London like most CBS markets, the KC/Jets game has been entertaining. Just a few days removed from totally ripping on him, I must say, in the first half today anyway, Tyler Thigpen looks like a real pro. The guy has a classic, almost artful throwing motion – and the amazing thing is I’m not totally joking about this!

Too bad the Jets will likely make Thigpen and the Chiefs look silly in the 2nd half by running the ball like they should have been doing the whole first half.


2 Responses to “Tyler Thigpen…not bad?”

  1. Keith Says:

    Not sure how often you watch the Jets, but if you had a chance to watch them regularly, you would find out that they do the exact opposite of what they should be doing against a team.

    And I totally agree on Thigpen. He looked very good today. I was at the game and he made some really nice plays. I was quite impressed with the zip on his ball. I think he could turn into a pretty good QB once the game slows down for him.

  2. bucky Says:

    Living in New England, I get to see the Jats all too often. We even got last week’s debacle against Oakland (had to go to a local gin mill to catch the Packers). The Jets are the Jets, meaning they’re a 7-8 win team. The sad thing is that Tyler Thipgen was the best QB on the field yesterday.

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