Did you know…


that the Detroit Lions have sold out 51 consecutive home games! They’ve sold out every game at Ford Field since it opened in 2002. I can’t believe this. Anyway, PFT points that out in an article here, which also says that they won’t sell out this week – thus ending a surprising streak.


2 Responses to “Did you know…”

  1. Trav Says:

    That is crazy. I wonder if they were able to sell out with fans from the visiting team filling the stadium, like when the Cubs play at Miller Park (which frustrates me to no end).

    I always wanted a stat for all major sports which shows paid attendance versus actual attendance. Like when you go to a Bucks game against someone like the Bobcats, and the PA announcer says “Tonight’s paid attendance: 10,151.”. You look around the arena and the upper bowl is 3/4 empty and the lowere bowl is sparse to say the least. I think it should be more like “Tonight’s paid attendance: 10,151. Tonight’s actual attendance: 2,650.”. All those corporate tickets that no one wanted, no shows because of other committments, etc. Obviously, not an issue at Lambeau. Maybe it’s just me.

  2. awhayes Says:

    It could well be that visiting fans filled the seats – I also think local companies and TV stations have probably eaten a lot of tickets too to make sure the game is broadcast locally. A few years ago I went to a Bucks against San Antonio (it was like a pro team playing a 4th grade YBA team – I think the Bucks were down by 30 by mid 2nd quarter) and they announced the attendance at over 11,000. We were the only ones in our whole section and the place was empty. There were no more than 3-4000 people in there.

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