Favre admits to talking with Millen


(Thanks for the update DDD – was reading PFT’s article when your comment came in).

So, Favre seems to be going back on his initial comment that this was all “total B.S.” Even if Favre is to be taken at his word here, which is hard to do anymore, I still don’t like that he would share this info with a team we were about to play. As Leroy Butler said, he can see Favre doing something like this because Favre likes to talk. But it just doesn’t seem right to talk to the team the Pack is about to play…especially if he knows other coaches are in the room listening etc. (And, if others were in the room listening, I have a hard time believing that the purpose of the call was simply to discuss hunting).

Favre’s story is, as expected, a bit different from Glazer’s report. Even if we factor into this the likelihood that sleezy, horrible GM Matt Millen probably pushed Favre to reveal some info like a life insurance salesman (sorry I had a bad experience with one recently) – that is no excuse. All Favre had to say was “nice try, you horrendous GM, nice try”.


5 Responses to “Favre admits to talking with Millen”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    First of all, ESPN’s credible source now looks like an idiot. As does ESPN.

    Secondly, Favre doesn’t seem to get that he isn’t the golden boy anymore. He can’t do stupid crap, say ‘aw shucks’ and have us all forgive him. Most Packer fans are Packer fans first. When you are one of ours, we’ll forgive an awful lot. But once you start messing with our team all bets are off. Favre is no longer one of ‘ours’ and he can’t get away with this crap anymore.

    Finally, his credibility has hit rock bottom now. There are now multiple stories that he has told that were either contradicted by fact or by himself in future interviews. First the whole story was B.S., now he’s admitting he did talk to Millen, so why the heck should anyone believe his word over Glazer’s when Glazer has proven to be more reliable?

  2. ScottinDC Says:

    I think PackerBelle is completely correct in her analysis. Favre simply cannot be trusted anymore. We all felt bad for Favre when he was suffering with addiction, but now he’s just like a less violent Pacman, he seems utterly incapable of controlling his emotions. Favre seemingly has become the id unleashed. This whole saga will make a very interesting, if emotionally bracing, book one day.

  3. DaveK Says:

    I think Favre’s explanation is plausible. Who knows if it is true or just spining what is already known to look innocuous. I guess I will defer to Leroy Butler on this one and his take. The intital reaction (including my own) was probably overblown and the conversation he had with the Lions probably wasn’t some sinister plot by Favre to hurt the Packers or their fans. He probably just has a tad more loyality to his friend then to the Packers and was willing to allow them to pick his brain for awhile and “hold court” as Glazer put it. So be it. I don’t like it but I understand it. Maybe some more info will be introduced but until Glazer comes up with that silver/blue stained dress I don’t think I care anymore.

  4. ja Says:

    As I expected, the story is partially true, but greatly embellished and slanted for maximum effect.

    The NFL doesn’t think this is a big deal. The Packers don’t think this is a big deal. Other than Jay Glazer and a couple others, the media doesn’t think this is a big deal. No rules were broken. Favre owes no loyalty to the team that traded him. As a Packer fan, I couldn’t care less what a player in another conference does in his spare time.

    I am, however, disappointed that apparently someone in the Packer organization continues to trash Favre in the media. This only adds fuel to the fire and serves as a distraction to the team that is fighting for a playoff spot. In my opinion, Mark Murphy needs to issue a memo instructing employees in no uncertain terms to cease all communication with the media on the subject of Favre.

  5. The Choj Says:

    does it bother anyone else that favre said he hasn’t played in the GB offense in “over a year” ? WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?! you’re telling me you checked out around week 3 last year, brett?

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