Different interpretation of Favre’s statements today


Read here from sportsillustrated.com who took Favre’s comments this morning as another denial. Different from PFT’s take on the comments.

Of note in this update though is that Romo called Favre seeking advice. To me, that changes that whole story quite a bit. If Favre truly had called Romo I could see how some would be bothered by that (though I didn’t think it was a big deal), but if Romo called Favre, this is a non-story. Again though, not sure who to believe on that.


4 Responses to “Different interpretation of Favre’s statements today”

  1. scott in wisconsin Says:

    I’m reaching my saturation point with this situation. I watched the press conference this morning with BF and unless new allegations pop up, I think most people will be like “whatever” very soon. This will all blow over in a few days. I’m sure MM told staff, especially LeRoy B, to shut up, too, eliminating the possibility of any more leakage. In 5 years, we won’t give a crap about this stuff. Sportsfans are all ADD and tend to remember the good times vs. the bad. Just like when Reggie White gave that “Japanese are good at making things small” speech to the Wisconsin assembly in Madison, this will all blow over.

  2. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    total load of crap. that’s not an interpretation – it’s tunnel-visioned reporting. why do espn and now si.com feel the need to defend favre? is it about competition with glazer?

    favre said he ‘didn’t give them game-planning.’ first of all, that makes no sense at all. it’s like denying you gave someone cooking tips by saying ‘i didn’t give them any dinner-making.’ you left out a word, brett – advice, perhaps, tips?

    favre’s complaints re: it not being a big deal, and he’s been out of the system, and blah blah blah blah blah have finally …. ‘given me a corner-turning.’ give me young, spry, braces favre any day. you can keep old fat lying, backstabbing, whiny elvis. i mean favre. he’s a jackass, plain and simple. i’m now rooting against him. i don’t care what it means for our draft.

    and i don’t care what may have gone on behind the scenes with brett and thompson. if it were anything that gave credibility to favre’s behavior (which i don’t think is possible with something like this), he would have aired it by now. it really seems more and more like thompson just decided he wasn’t going to play sherman and write his packers gospel according to brett. he crossed the line when he compromised his former teammates’ ability to play a fair game — against anyone but the new york jets.

    done. my door is closed.

  3. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    okay, so i wasn’t done.

    i don’t like to unnecessarily beat a dead horse (there are times…), but this is not something to ignore. it doesn’t need to be a month-long story, or get in the way of the packers’ agenda this season, but it SHOULD be taken personally be everyone in that locker room, and by every fan of this team. packer fans aren’t just the best because they’re always in the stands, they’re the best because they stick with honorable players through tough times, on and off the field. as charles woodson said, ‘there’s no honor in (this).’

    if brett wants to mail tt a box of turds, or ring his doorbell and run away, or photoshop thompson into a NAMBLA conference photo album, i could care less. but i care about this, and i’m to the point where i hope the packers schedule for next year includes a bigby blitz into the jets backfield.

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    Anyone want to bet Glazer has a followup story in five days? Favre left the door wide open. How the hell did he ever graduate from college? Oh. that’s right it was Miss. State. Tje boob admitted talking with Millen and coaches on a conference call. “Yeah, we talked about football, like about my 22 straight completions last year.” He certainly belongs in the STUPID hall of fame.

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