More Thoughts on Favre


I don’t believe Brett Favre’s denials.  In the interview that Andy linked below, Jay Glazer comes as close as possible to naming his source without actually naming his source.  (An expanded transcript comes courtesy of Greg Bedard.)

I will say this, Jim, I stand by my story 1,000%. 1,000%….These are strong accusations (against Favre), damn right you have to be 100%, are you kidding me?…You have to get it straight from the horse’s mouth on this, you have to get it from people who know the situation and who’ve been involved with the situation. That’s why I stand so strongly behind my source. My sources, I should actually say, because it was from more than one person.

We know that Glazer did not talk to Favre — a fact that some are using against him — and we know that he got his information “straight from the horse’s mouth on this.”  So Glazer presumably spoke with one of the Lions’ coaches who received the Favre briefing.  I think it’s highly unlikely that Glazer would say something like that publicly unless he could back it up.

And then, via PFT, we learn that LeRoy Butler thinks there’s a lot more coming.

Even though I was initially sympathetic to Favre in his dispute with the Packers, the guy revealed himself to be a low-class idiot as that process unfolded.  This is more evidence and if Butler’s right, we’ll have more still in the coming days.


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