Favre’s Trouble with the Truth, Part 274


Read this, from Sam Farmer.  He’s the Los Angeles Times writer who first reported that Favre’s agent was sniffing out possible landing sites for his client in the event that Favre wanted to come out of retirement.  Skeptics dismissed Farmer’s story and some Packer bloggers let loose with over-the-top attacks on him.  And it turns out Farmer was right, of course.  (Those bloggers never apologized to him, far as I know.)

So he’s skeptical of Favre’s denials.  And I’m with him.


18 Responses to “Favre’s Trouble with the Truth, Part 274”

  1. VaCheezhead Says:

    No way I believe Favre’s denials. All I can say is that I’m disappointed in him and the actions he’s taken. Despite his public persona as a good old boy, take one for the team kind of guy it turns out that he’s more like TO and Moss than we would of thought. Sort of makes a lot of things he’s said over the years appear very hypocritical. Anyone remember him calling out Javon Walker during his contract dispute?

  2. PackerBelle Says:

    I don’t believe his denials either. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt with the un-retirement debacle and it blew up in my face. I am kind of glad this is happening during the bye week so that players aren’t as available to the press to be asked about this.

  3. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i could post on one of the ‘woodson is really neat’ posts, or this one, but i think this article is telling in a much more subtle way.


    i love woodson’s quote: “I know he’s been the greatest player around here for a long time but there’s no honor in that.” plain and simple. i think we should just start calling him ‘Sir Woodson of Ohio’ when he goes all knightly with words like that – but i like it.

    but the most telling thing for me – clifton is the only one who expresses any kind of disbelief about the story. if these guys feel like behavior like this from favre isn’t that far-fetched, i think that means even more than any statement from the lions or packers could. there’s not a lot of favre-defending going on in the packer locker room, and i would have been very surprised by that a year or two ago.

    i especially think the complaints about favre not extending courtesy to rodgers (but extending it to tony romo) show that this team thinks favre was a jackass to someone who could have used his support – but based on his play, decided he didn’t need it and moved on. way to go aaron. if i were rodgers, i’d want to poop in brett’s pillowcase.

  4. DaveK Says:

    Leroy Butler has some interesting opinons on this Favre thing in his weekly Q+A piece at JSOnline. Mostly thinks this it is probably over-blown. Basically, he thinks Favre has a bunch of friends all over the NFL and it is natural for Favre to talk too much. (As Glazer put it, he likes to hold court.) He also opines that the info Brett could give would be really limited in usefullness to the Lions.

    “It’s probably much ado about nothing. Again, Brett knows a lot of people. Did he call Matt Millen or did Matt Millen call him and did they have a conversation? Yeah, they probably did. I don’t think he called them and said, ‘Let me help you out.’ I think it’s kind of disappointing that he would talk to anybody during the season, especially a Packers opponent.”


  5. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    To me it comes down to credibility. Jay Glazer has it. Favre doesn’t.

    I don’t know how he does it but Glazer seems to break every big NFL story and he track record speaks for itself. He broke the spygate story. He broke evrey big Favre scoop. Yesterday he broke the Nolan story.

  6. awhayes Says:

    While I remain very doubtful of Favre’s denial and am growing more and more pissed off at his behavior, I do find it interesting that ESPN seems to be refusing to post anything re this story – not even a link to Glazer’s articles. It’s just odd considering they, at least, consider themselves the leader in sports reporting.

  7. ScottinDC Says:

    Favre has been proven a liar before, it seems likely he will be proven a liar once more. I agree that it is highly unusual that ESPN has been mum on this, but not to get all conspiracy minded or anything, but they were Favre’s biggest defenders during the training camp debacle. Someone mentioned in a comment on a previous post that Mortenson should be on Favre’s payroll, I agree. Another thing I find alarming about this is according to Tom Silverstein there’s no rule against sharing information about one’s former team to said team’s next opponent:


    What!?! Why is that not a violation? If this story does prove to be accurate, which seems to be all but certain now, a new rule should go into effect ASAP that prohibits such a thing. I’m somewhat disappointed in Butler’s statement that there wasn’t much he could share with the Lions. This is about intent. Favre’s intent was to hurt his former team. That’s what really matters here!

  8. scott in wisconsin Says:

    I think the “press” in general outside of WI thinks we are upset that he gave Detroit details. I think we’re more pissed that he didn’t think about us. The fans.

  9. Aaron Says:

    Andy – ESPN being M.I.A is veeeerrryy telling.

  10. DaveK Says:

    Scott – I agree. The national press is missing the point. There was no benefit to Favre’s team to help the Lions. It was done for selfish reasons without regard to his former teammates or Packers fans. If this was some casual conservation Favre had with Millan or another friend then I agree with Butler that is not a big deal. But, if he spent hours sharing info about the Packers with the coaching staff then it crosses the line. I am waiting for more info to develop. Who did he talk with? What type of info was given? Unknow sources bother me and I wish we knew more. Regardless, it is just disappointing that Favre did anything and it would have been more grown up of him to just go about his business with the Jets.

    ESPN thinks they are god’s gift to sports in American. If they don’t break it they either claim they did and run with it or they ignore the story.

  11. Ron La Canne Says:

    ESPN has ordered talk show hosts to not discuss the Favre issue. Hmmmmm! Think they are trying not to give Glazer any further publicity? I think so.

    Favre was a two-faced snake and is DEAD! I don’t give a damn if it’s legal or not. He stabbed his former teammates in the back. He has a problem with TT? Fine, get a glove and slap TT in the face then have a duel. Don’t screw with your former friends (obviously that’s not the correct use of that word) and expect the fans to still pee in our pants evrytime that jerk shows his baby blues.

    Open a BF Steakhouse in NY an d see how good you do,

  12. ja Says:

    If you stab your former teammates in the back with a rubber knife, is it still attempted murder?

    Leroy Butler and Joe Philbin have it right. Even if true, it’s really not a big deal. I don’t understand what everyone is so bent out of shape about.

  13. scott in wisconsin Says:

    @ ja

    What we’re bent out of shape is that after 16 years of having Favre’s back through all the interceptions and all the ups and downs of his personal life, he stabs Packer fans in the back with a fork. Then twisted it. When his wife had breast cancer, we prayed with them. When he had his drug addiction, we said “that’s ok, we’re with ya”. When he retired, we cried, too. It’s NOT that he gave the Lions info. Maybe it’s that we now see the man behind the curtain. And some of us feel like jerks for actually giving a crap about this guy and his family.

  14. PackerBelle Says:

    ja, it is a big deal. Favre was trying to sabotage the Packers to get back at Ted Thompson. Which means he was hurting people he claims are his friends, like Donald Driver, to settle a personal score. That is just wrong.

    I have a question for you, what would make you have a negative view of Favre?

  15. Ron La Canne Says:


    Favreophiles grasp for weak rhetorical straws to defend their hero. Many here are Packer Fans, not Favre fans. Favre has made his own bed, shall we say.

    I suggest you read more of Butler’s comments and listen to his interview on WSSP. I think it may still be on their site. He was certainly not as casual as you seem to believe. Garry Ellerson not too forgiving to Swamp Boy either.

    His ex-teammates are paid to win games and their job is hard enough without the “Great One” playing his little baby games. You obviously don’t understand the value of sharing personal tendencies of individual players with an opposing team. Favre had 16 years and knows every player on the Packer roster intimately (except rookies). That kind of information has great value. If not, why the problem with Bellichek? That’s what he was trying to obtain.

  16. Joe Says:

    “If you stab your former teammates in the back with a rubber knife, is it still attempted murder?”

    Yes, because it is the intent of the criminal, not the efficacy of the actions taken that makes an attempted murder. But you don’t know whether the knife was rubber or steel because you don’t know what Brett told them. Was it terminology, was it specific plays, was it the personal “tells” of his former teammates?

    And I am not going to accept LeRoy “The Host of Brett Farve – On and Off the Field” Butler as a dispassionate observer.

  17. ja Says:

    Re: 14. What would make me have a negative view of Favre? Perhaps being arrested for dealing drugs, 200 grams (not milligrams, grams!) of codeine (Johnny Jolly). Or displaying a pattern of repeated violence against women, different women, multiple times (Ahman Green). How about shooting a loaded gun into a car full of people (Tyrone Williams). Having a long history of gang-related crime, including murder, kidnapping, robbery, and drug charges (Charles Jordan). Or maybe raping a high school girl after delivering the commencement speech (Wayne Simmons).

    Never have these players combined received a fraction of the criticism from Packer fans that Favre has.

    Talking football with hunting buddies? Not so much.

  18. Ron La Canne Says:


    You forgot Sterling Sharpe and Lofton. We are discussing personal integrity. Favre is petty, childish and vindictive. His vendetta against TT and maybe MM is stronger than any alligence to fans or former teammates.

    In any of your strawman examples, can you sight one act that affected the other members of the team or fans for that mater? And gee, I haven’t seen any of their jerseys retired, or names in the statium. Maybe I just missed something.

    Bret Favre, to put it simply is a spoiled, pampered baby.

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