Favre via Peter King: “total b.s.”


Read below from Peter King at sportsillustrated.com (taken from here) – Favre denying rumors.

3. I think if the Fox report on Brett Favre is correct about him advising the Detroit Lions with tips on how to beat the Green Bay Packers, his reputation will be irrevocably tarnished in Wisconsin. Favre “gave the [Lions’] coaching staff like an hour or a 90-minute dissertation, every single thing that the Green Bay Packers do on offense.” I know Favre and former Lions GM Matt Millen are close, and Millen is a great admirer of Favre’s. There’s nothing illegal about this, if it did happen. But it would be seen as an act of betrayal by the Packers and their fans, obviously. Favre texted me before the Jets-Raiders Sunday to call the story “total bs … not true and pretty ridiculous. I’m telling you it’s not true. What the hell is their [Fox’s] problem?” Lions Chief Operating Officer Tom Lewand told me, “Our coaches are perplexed. There was no coaching of our coaching staff [by Favre].” But there was one semi-damning quote out of the Lions’ locker room Sunday. “No comment,” said head coach Rod Marinelli, when asked about the report.

Also read here from profootballtalk.com for more from Jay Glazer.

I don’t believe Favre’s denial. While my tendency is to wait for more info before rushing to judgment on most matters – I’m not sure I want to wait now. Even if it’s partially true – it just sucks. Who does that? While it’s not illegal as everyone points out, it is bad form and tremendously inconsiderate of former teammates and his many fans, a good # of whom still love the guy. I keep asking myself what could have possibly happened in Favre’s relationship with TT and/or the team that would make him this angry. At this point, absent other info, Favre is just being a jackass.


21 Responses to “Favre via Peter King: “total b.s.””

  1. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    I think its time to stop wondering “what the Packers did to make Favre so angry.”

    Maybe Favre is just a petty, selfish jerk. Maybe if Favre wasn’t such a petty, selfish jerk he would still be on the team.

  2. Scott in wisconsin Says:


    GREAT take on the Favre situation developing.

  3. scott in wisconsin Says:

    You know, I watched the JETS OT game after the Packers and saw Favre looking grim on the sidelines. I thought maybe he was thinking about his dad or something. He’s lost before. Big deal. He looked lost in his own head. I wonder if he was thinking “OH CRAP. How am I going to spin this Lions story out of the mud.” I don’t believe he was upset at the loss. He looked more upset yesterday than he did after the Giants game last year.

    And DDD, I would agree with you and will even pick up the next round. What are you drinking? 🙂

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    Funny, King is now saying things like where there’s smoke there’s fire, this will damage Favre’s reputation as bad as the drug abuse. I guess he doesn’t believe Favre either.

    Let the jerk retire from the Jets and go into the Hall as a Jet. That’ll put an exclamation point on his little pin head of his. Since the Pack gave the Long Snapper Bret’s locker they should assign him #4. That will make him look like the Jackass he really is. As many have stated here, it’s the damn GB Packers not the GB Favres. No one is bigger than the team.

  5. ScottinDC Says:

    I agree with Scott in Wisconsin (love the name, by the way, it’s a personal favorite of mine!) and Ron La Canne, Favre’s stock has to be plummeting. I think we should sign Air Bud as our new punter (he’d be better than Frost) and give him #4. I think if the ugliness continues, Favre might consider retiring as a Jet. Who knows when he’ll be willing to come back for a number retiring ceremony? This guy is a petulant child. His melodramatic escapades are reminiscent of Freshman dormroom drama. I hate to admit it, but I was cheering for the Raiders during OT, it’s hard not to wish anything other than mediocrity for Favre in his waning days as an NFL QB.

  6. alphacat Says:

    It comes down to he said she said and I have no idea who’s lying and personally don’t care. However, if Favre did tell them anything the Lions obviously didn’t do a very good job of listening.

  7. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    ScottInWis: I go for the gusto.

    RLC: Funny that you mention assigning #4 to the longsnapper, because I actually think this should disqualify Favre from having number 4 retired. He’ll go to the pro football HOF. I have no problem with him being inducted into the Packer HOF. I even think it would be appropriate to put him in the ring of honor. But this is the Green Bay Packers. Just being “great” is not enough to get your number retired. There are plenty of great Packers that don’t have their numbers retired. Those that do (Canadeo, Hutson, Nitschke, Starr, and White) are exemplify what it means to be a Packer. The addition of Favre would tarnish that honor.

  8. Ron La Canne Says:

    I have just had it with that spoiled baby whining incessantly. Listening to WSSP this afternoon and Gary Ellerson brought up an interesting point on Favre’s communication with other teams. It’s something I hadn’t thought of before. “The problem isn’t the plays or tendancies of play calling, the problem is individual characteristics. For example, what if DD drops his right hand and adjusts his feet a certain way before running a slant? If another team can get this info that exposes DD to possible injury. They can over play the middle knowing what will happen and take him apart.(paraphrased)”. I’m remembering how many run plays other teams reacted to with reckless abandon and no concern for a fake. Did they know something or just a coincedence?

    When traded to another and you play the old team everyone knows information is shared . No one can give an example of a player telling teams other than his own anything like this. Like everything else in his life our dear Bret sees fit to be a trend setter.

    LeRoy Butler was on the show and said with some authority that this is just the begining. Much more is out there and will be coming. He knows the Packer players are upset by this distraction. Just why an old teammate would do things to help other teams against them is the big issue. Many of the players have incentives based on performance and they see Farve trying to take money out of their pockets. In short, ole Lorenzo is screwing them not TT or MM.

    For the Glazer doubters, he backs his story 1000%, it did happen. For now he only means Detroit. Butler also said Glazer is right. For the Favre lovers amongst us, remember Bret’s people said that more would be coming this wasn’t over? I guess we can all agree now that they are keeping their word. No one has been more critical of TT on his select of O & D lineman than me. In the case of B. Lorenzo Favre he is exactly right.

    The Packers haven’t retired #5, so screw #4. Favre couldn’t carry Hornung’s dirty jock.

  9. ja Says:

    If it is true, and it’s really not a big deal to me if it is, I think it reflects worse on the Lions than it does on Favre, especially now that the Lions are denying it. This might be the final nail in the coffin that gets the entire Detroit coaching staff fired.

    Regarding the source, we know that Glazer is a national guy with sources in the Packer organization, but Jason Wilde is a local reporter who has never shown himself to have any sources outside of Wisconsin, and certainly not with the Lions before. That leads me to wonder whether someone with the Packers is leaking this story. And although there has been much speculation in the Detroit media, I haven’t seen anyone there confirm this story. This smells a lot like the team-issued cell phone story awhile back. Maybe it’s partially true, but also greatly embellished to make Favre look worse.

  10. lostinutah Says:

    I think it’s interesting if Brett had stayed retired and this story came out, everyone would have said “no freakin’ way!” and been totally protective.

    Since he left, he obviously must have sold his soul to the devil. And he’s guilty of every transgression.


  11. Trav Says:

    I heard it mentioned that Glazer was interviewed on the radio in Milwaukee and he brought up how he (Glazer) broke the Favre wanting to play story, to which Favre came back with the “no truth to that rumor…” statement. We all know how that went. Glazer’s comment was something to the effect of: given how that turned out, who are you going to believe?

    Additionally, LeRoy was interviewed (I want to say it was the GB Press Gazette, but I can’t find it) and he made a comment about this being a small story in comparison to other items that are going to break soon. When pressed, LeRoy wouldn’t expand on the story.

    Peter King and Mortensen from ESPN should be on the Favre payroll for the roles they play in these situations.

  12. PackerBelle Says:

    ja, this isn’t just coming from Packer sources. Glazer’s sources were from outside the organization. Greg Bedard posted a blog about it.

    “There was no reason for the sources to mislead me. It didn’t come from Packer sources. Although it was interesting when I talked to the Packers they had known about it — they didn’t know about the Lions. They had actually heard about another team and the Packers, when they heard about it originally, had switched up a bunch of stuff supposedly for this happening”-Glazer

    It really does seem like this is true. No one, besides Favre himself, is denying the story. Which is very, very sad that someone who could have gone down as one of the greatest QBs ever partially due to his personality is now completely destroying his legacy by acting like a spoiled, vindictive brat.

  13. Ron La Canne Says:

    To all Favreophiles — I have absolutely no respect for a man(? maybe baby boy) who would do anything to hurt his former teammates. To me the jerk is DEAD.

  14. DaveK Says:

    For 15 years I watched Favre and rarely wasn’t impressed how the guy handled himself. Interviews. How he played the game. How he interacted with teammates. He seemed down to earth, honest, and a strait shooter no matter the venue. He seemed to appreciate the fact that he got to play football, something he really loved, for a living. He was a super star yet seemed like a normal guy and I think that endeared him to millions of NFL fans and not just Packer fans. He seemed one of the good guys in sports and I felt lucky that my team was privileged to have him for so long be the face of the franchise. It was nice have one of the best ever to play for your team and be a total great guy to boot. My gut tells me though there is truth to this story and it is disappointing to say the least. I’m not sure how this story will shake out. Maybe some more information will clear the air a bit and I remain open to that. But, if true, this is clearly a sitation where Brett put himself before teammates and fans. And, that takes some of the shine off the golden boy.

  15. PackerBelle Says:

    Dave, I totally agree with you. I always thought Favre was one of the best QBs ever. And part of that was because he seemed like he was a genuinely nice guy who just wanted to play the game and be part of a team. He seemed the antithesis to Peyton Manning who whined when things didn’t go his way, blamed his teammates and took all the credit when things went well. Instead Favre gave credit for wins to his teammates, took the blame for losses on himself and seemed to understand that it was a game.

    So I have to wonder, where we hoodwinked for 16 years or is there a deeper issue going on that we really don’t know about? I guess I still find it hard to believe that the guy I thought I knew is a completely different person.

  16. awhayes Says:

    packerbelle/DaveK – with you both on this one. What is so strange about this whole thing is that Favre either managed to maintain a great public image somehow for 16 years because he just is a great guy or he effectively hid a nasty side. Mark Chmura has been saying for several years that what people don’t know about Favre is that he’s incredibly selfish. Right now, it appears to me that Chmura is right.

  17. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    …or it could be that for many of those 15 years (I’d argue it was more like 12-13 before the “real Favre” revealed himself) Favre got everything he wanted and never had occassion to show his nasty side. When Thompson came aboard and started to establish himself as the man in charge, that is when we started to see the real Favre.

  18. PackerBelle Says:

    It is still hard to figure out how this fits. If Favre managed to keep up this charade fo 16 years, you wonder how he mismanaged the un-retirement crap so badly.

    I do wonder if some of this is because Big Irv is gone. Maybe he was the only one who could keep Favre’s ego in check and without him everyone just fed his ego. And Sherman likely didn’t help either.

    No matter what, it is pretty sad to see someone ruin their legacy so quickly while really hurting their former teammates and fans.

  19. ja Says:

    If you believe Glazer’s sources were not Packer sources, then who were Jason Wilde’s sources? And why have none of the Detroit writers been able to confirm this? Is Lions COO Tom Lewand also lying?

    And if you read what Glazer said, he admits that the Packers were the source about the other team that Favre also helped. But Glazer apparently didn’t bother to check that out before writing it. And why is he willing to name the Lions but not the other team?

    Regardless of whether this story is true or partially true, it’s still pretty shoddy journalism, IMHO. It’s refreshing to see that ESPN is ignoring it for what it is: a non-story.

  20. PackerBelle Says:

    ja, he’s willing to name the Lions because he had multiple sources who were in a position to know and had no ax to grind with anyone. And since he can’t verify the second team with neutral sources he’s not going to ‘out’ them.

    It isn’t shoddy journalism just because it isn’t something you want to hear. Glazer has a pretty good reputation. He broke the Spygate story, Nolan’s firing, and Favre to the Jets. He hasn’t had many misses and this doesn’t seem like it is one. Even Peter King who has been a staunch Favre supporter thinks that Favre likely did it. Just because ESPN isn’t reporting it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Especially when pretty much everyone else in the industry thinks it is.

  21. scott in wisconsin Says:

    I’ll be interested to see what BF says during his Wednesday conference. Maybe he needs to talk to Ari Fleisher? I predict the “brett favre steakhouse” is not here this time next year and is turned into an Outback.

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