Does Bob Sanders read Packergeeks?


After reading this article from the GB Press Gazette, I can’t help but wonder if Bob Sanders did some late night internet surfing last week for more ideas on how to defend against the Colts. I think he may have stumbled upon this Packergeeks post back in June and decided to go with my recommendation for a 4-2-5 defense to shut down the pass! Following is the excerpt that may have caught his eye:

While my inclination at this very early point would be to stick with Collins and Bigby, I must say, I’m greatly comforted knowing Rouse is back there and ready to jump in if things don’t work out. Of course, another alternative I know Sanders wouldn’t consider would be a 4-2-5 defense. I know it sounds ridiculous but many times innovative ideas are initially considered ridiculous (a 5 receiver set…who does that!). Why not play to the strengths of our personnel and start with Rouse, Bigby AND Collins, with Barnett and Hawk manning the LB spots. Rouse is clearly more of a playmaker than Poppinga, is better in coverage and he has at least the potential to be as physical and therefore not a huge drop-off in the run game. This would make passing against the Pack brutal, assuming Harris and Woodson can maintain their games.

While I consider myself more of an offensive minded coach, Bob, I would accept an assistant defensive position of some kind.


One Response to “Does Bob Sanders read Packergeeks?”

  1. ebongreen Says:

    Unless you’re seeing something in that article I’m not, it’s saying that Bob used a standard nickel package (four DL, 2 LB, 3 CB, 2S) – which happens to be a 4-2-5 – for the majority of the Colts game.

    Since (2 safeties) /=/ (3 safeties), that’s not what you had in mind, right? 🙂

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