More on the Favre story I hope isn’t true


Read here from Bedard – more on the odd story re Favre calling Detroit, unsolicited, before Week 2 to give them tips for playing against the Pack (for 1-1.5 hours no less).

If this is true – I’m pissed off. There is no reason to go about trying to sabotage your ex-team. I know Favre’s departure was heinous and he may have some legit beef with the organization – but this isn’t sportsmanlike, to say the least. Again, if it’s true, I just don’t understand it. I would think he’d just want to move on and move past this, but I guess not.


15 Responses to “More on the Favre story I hope isn’t true”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    I think that there is either a) something seriously wrong with Favre emotionally or psychologically or b) he really wasn’t the guy we thought he was. I’m not sure which one I prefer. While I’d hate to hope someone is having severe issues, I also hate to think that we were duped for so long.

    But no matter what, if the story is true it is completely unacceptable behavior. No matter how pissed you are the organization you shouldn’t be trying to hurt your teammates. If you think the team made the wrong decision then let them stumble on their own. Don’t try to trip them because it then reflects badly on you rather than the Packers.

  2. Kozak Says:

    Well, if true we don’t need to reschedule that Jersey retirement ceremony…

  3. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Might just be a head fake. If anything, it explains a lot about how other teams are reading us so well before the snap. If it is true, I hope there’s a serious boycott of Favre’s Steakhouse in GB. Get that place out of there. Give Oneida Nation a kickback and take their BF memorial statue down and put it in storage until he comes groveling back.

  4. DaveK Says:

    Jason Wilde just confirmed the story:

    “Two league sources said Sunday they had been told of Favre contacting the Lions last month, before Glazer’s report. One said the report was “absolutely” true.”

    Favre text messaged Peter King and told him “total b.s.”. Wasn’t that the same text message he sent King when it leaked he wanted to play again?

    So, this either some diabolical scheme by the Packers to discredit Favre and ruin a relationship that could help them financially in the future, a scheme hatched by the Lions and others in the league to cause chaos in the Packer organization because apparently the Lions do not have enough to worry about in regard to their own team, or Favre proving he puts himself before former teammates and fans.

  5. Scott in wisconsin Says:

    I would seriously doubt it’s coming from the Packers. Those reporters in NY are pretty crafty- I wonder. Favre did look pretty preoccupied yesterday in Oakland. Was that his “aw crap” face as he sat on the bench towards the end of OT?

  6. ja Says:

    It seems to me that if Favre really had information that would help the Lions (audibles signals, game plans, whatever), it’s the Packers’ own fault for not changing them. They’ve had four months do to so. But I really doubt that it would help another team that much. And it’s really no different than if the Lions were talking to Bubba Franks, Koren Robinson, or Corey Williams, but this wouldn’t even be a story if if were any of those guys.

    I am a little curious about who’s leaking the information now, and what they have to gain by this. And how the hell would anyone know that he gave more details to the Lions than he did to other teams? Either discussions between teams is much more common than we think or something doesn’t quite add up here.

  7. Richard Says:

    “Favre did look pretty preoccupied yesterday in Oakland. Was that his ‘aw crap’ face as he sat on the bench towards the end of OT?”

    This is troubling, but I would understand it if it happened. I’m still mad at the Packers, TT, and MM for their treatment of Favre.

    If this is true, it means that Favre is much more sensitive and immature than we thought. That speaks worse of TT, and MM that they couldn’t nurture him into retirement. They know him better than anybody and their expectations of his behavior have proven to be naively high.

  8. Richard Says:

    Oh, woops, I meant to stick up for Favres play in Oakland.

    He won that game twice in OT, his receivers dropped wide open passes that could have been run in for 6. If tackled, they would have been in field goal range. Favre did this twice in OT then they tanked the 3rd drive.

    He also led them from the 10 yard line with less than two minutes left to score a field goal. Thats not nothin.

  9. PackerBelle Says:

    For all we know, the Packers have changed whatever Favre could tell an opponent. That isn’t the issue. The issues is that, if true, Favre has been actively trying to hurt the Packers. And that is, in my opinion, inappropriate. It is one thing if you play your old team and tell the team what to look for. It is another to go out of your way and contact an outside team to tell them that kind of stuff. I’d love to give Favre the benefit of the doubt on this, but since he retired every time I’ve done that its blown up in my face so I’m more inclined to believe its true.

  10. verno329 Says:

    @ PackerBelle: Exactly! My issue isn’t so much what he told them cuz it didn’t help them very much, its the fact that he had conversations with them period. Brett needs to grow up and move on with his life. You play for the Jets now buddy. I’d be happy to never hear from him again at this point.

  11. DaveK Says:

    I think Ja makes a good point and after mulling this over and I guess I agree that any information that Favre could give would be limited in damage. There are enough players and coaches changing teams that most teams must change these things up. I do think a former player who has the level of knowledge that Favre did about the Packer offense though could give another team some insight on tendancies. There must be some value to the insight if Favre is willing to call and the Lions and other teams are willing to listen. But, PackerBelle is correct. The issue is that Favre actively tried to hurt the Packers and it gave no direct benefit to his current team. This was done purely out of spite and/or self interest without regard to his former teammates or Packer fans.

  12. PackerBelle Says:

    Richard, how the heck does Favre being a jerk and actively trying to sabotage his former team reflect badly on TT and MM? Their job isn’t to nurture a guy in his late 30s who is acting like an adolescent. Their job is to put together a competitive football team. Favre made his decision and got pissed when the team took him at his word and moved on. I do think that the Packer organization has some fault, but I think that Favre has been the one causing most of the problems and destroying his legacy.

  13. ja Says:

    We already knew that Favre talks to players and coaches around the league. This is nothing new. If *we* don’t think he helped the Lions, why would Favre think that? The Lions have access to the same game tapes that Favre did. If it’s a playbook issue, Favre would have to believe the team has changed a few things. So why should we care if they were talking football strategy or hunting strategy? To me, this is just Glazer and Wilde and some “source” trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. No rules were broken. It’s a non-story.

  14. PackerBelle Says:

    ja, numerous of us have said that the issue isn’t whether or not Favre helped the Lions in any significant way but rather that he was trying to sabotage the Packers. That is just selfish and hurtful to his former teammates, such as Donald Driver, and the fans who supported him for so many years. A rule doesn’t have to be broken for something to be wrong or vindictive.

  15. awhayes Says:

    What packerbelle said…

    Ja – while I wouldn’t put it past Jay Glazer to shamelessly go about spreading scoop that may not be fully vetted, I do trust Wilde at least to deliver reliable and well-sourced info. So I don’t doubt this happened. I agree with Packerbelle that it’s not so much the advantage Detroit may or may not have gained from the info, but the fact that Favre offered it up. Just not classy at all. It will have to be one very convincing explanation to change my mind at this point.

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