Is Charles Woodson the present-day Sidney Moncrief?


Over the last few years after watching him play and watching and reading many interviews, I have decided that Charles Woodson is sort of becoming like Sidney Moncrief was to me growing up. Moncrief and Lofton were my favorite athletes – but I especially loved Moncrief because he just went about his job, played at an extraodinarily high level, was very underrated (like Woodson especially in the last 2 years) and just called it like it was. Moncrief never complained, but when he did express a concern it was always done in a civil, respectful way – even to officials who were clearly throwing the game. Moncrief was relatively quiet, but when he talked, he talked straight and people listened. Woodson strikes me as a similar sort of character and my guess is that he is a way more influential person in the clubhouse than we know.


4 Responses to “Is Charles Woodson the present-day Sidney Moncrief?”

  1. Trav Says:

    Love the comprison. In Bedard’s post game notes, they had a quote from Woodson about the Favre/Lions situation. Using your words, it was very civil, but made its point. Long live Sir Sid!

  2. DaveK Says:

    I don’t know if there is a corner playing better then him right now in the NFL. He is fun to watch.

    I was pretty young at the time but I think Sidney Moncrief was actually on the Bucks the last time I watched a Bucks game.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    There is no better DB in football today. The guy is playing with a broken toe and still covers the other team’s best like no one else could. And, he’s a gentleman. Sidney and Charles a good comparison.

  4. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    I have been thinking that I don’t know if I have *ever* seen a cornerback play better than Woodson is playing right now. For example, I would easily put this season right up there with the best seasons that Deion Sanders or Rod Woodson ever put up. (I realize that there is plenty of football left to play this season).

    I also think Charles Woodson is quite easily the best Packer defender since Reggie White.

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