Game recap – Indy

  • Great hustle play by Korey Hall in the first quarter on Ryan Grant’s fumble – a quietly important play because had Indy picked up that ball, that could have been a big problem momentum-wise.
  • When Indy decided not to go for it early in the game on 4th and 2 or whatever it was, that was a key play in the game. Tony Dungy stopped an Indy offense that was moving the ball well. Bad coaching decision.
  • Nice execution on a variety of offensive plays – Rodgers looked very sharp. Nice FB, TE, RB, WR completions.
  • Peyton Manning whined and whined and whined today. Wow, it’s just not fun watching someone like that. Sure, people will say he’s a “competitor” and “just wants to win” and other garbage expressions used to distract us from the only real explanation – but the fact is the guy is a whiner.
  • After the first drive the Packers’ defense became monstrous. I know Manning wanted pass interference on most of the plays in the game, but the fact was, the Pack had super tight coverage and just brought it today. (And it seemed to me that most of the plays when Manning whined for interference, our guy made contact within the first five yards).
  • Collins, Rouse – both huge plays. I love seeing our defense take the pressure off the offense.
  • Now, let me preface this comment by saying that Grant, overall, was good today. I’ll take a 100 yard game with a TD from our RB almost any day. However, I am seeing a problem that I really don’t like developing – and I’ve alluded to it before. When Rodgers hands the ball off, there is absolutely no question it will be a hand-off and no question which direction Grant will be running. I watched this carefully throughout the game. So, especially in the second half when Grant slowed down, time after time, Indy seemed to know exactly what was coming. Now, that may have been due in part to the fact that we were already in the lead (in part because of good running by Grant very early on before Indy caught on) and Indy knew we’d lean on the run. And I would not even write about this if I hadn’t noticed it previously this season. But he keeps happening whenever Rodgers sticks the ball out like he does and Grant and everyone else move in one direction – it’s so obvious what’s happening and this obviousness allows the LBs (especially Sessions today) to be all over the play. I hate to dwell on this so I won’t – I need to have a celebratory beer.
  • I was also pleased that Indy tried to mix in the pass more after the first drive, because running was working. Bad decision by them.
  • Just a very satisfying victory. Great defense, solid offense, decent special teams (nice kick block).
  • One person I really want to single out is Bob Sanders – not the missing safety from Indy, but our own D Coordinator. Great game plan. Well executed for sure, but it really was a welcome contrast to the game plan of D Coordinator Bob Slowik when we last played Indy in Indy a few years ago and he blitzed on most plays leaving us vulnerable and we lost big-time. I don’t point this out much, but feel I have to today: great game plan Bob Sanders, great job today.

11 Responses to “Game recap – Indy”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Great game. Great win. A few comment and questions….

    I noticed a few times in one WR sets that Ruvell Martin was the lone receiver. Has that been the case in prior games? (Not that we use a one WR set very often) It just seems odd you would put your 3rd/4th best WR on the field but maybe Driver/Jennings needed breathers and maybe they game planned some specific routes for Martin in that set.

    I also thought Manning’s whining was annoying. He looked like a three year old coming off the field when Dungy decided not to go for it on 4th down. But, I also felt the Refs did the Packers some favors today on offense. A few calls gave us first downs that were somewhat nit-picky. (The hands to the face call against their CB comes to mind and also the ‘delay of game’ penalty before the punt) Nothing that would come close to changing the out come of the game but it just about makes up for all the bad calls in Atlanta.

    The running game still needs work. This is the second week in a row where they gave Grant 30+ carries. Some nice runs and reads by Grant today. Some tentative running also. The line blocking was a mixed bag also. There is just to many running plays where D-lineman are in the backfield.

    This was a game tailor made for KGB. Big lead. Average left tackle. For a third down pass rushing specialist he was no where to be found today. I’m not sure KGB is going to give us much this year as far as getting pressure on the QB. He did have some nice backside pursuit on a few running plays. It is not like we have other options this year at DE but he will be taking a pay cut this summer if he want to stay with the Packers. I really do like KGB and I really hope he proves me wrong.

    Tramone Williams is the real deal. We may have the best nickel back in the NFL once Harris returns. I’m just not sure which one it will be. The entire seconday played well. Rouse seemed to be all over the place. With Bigby back in a few weeks also this defense is going to be real good if Jolly/Cole/Picket can continue to perform in the middle.

    Anyway – great game and a great way to head into the bye week.

  2. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Seemed to me like we were getting a payback for all the lousy calls we were given in the last two games. Still seems like defenses are still reading our run game way too easily. Either that or Grant has such a speed burst that he can’t cut more than a foot or two. Now I’m wondering if that has anything to do with the BF allegations.

  3. PackerBelle Says:

    Now, this game was more like the Pack I remember from last year. They played well in all aspects of the game. And while there were no sacks from our D, it seemed like we were getting more pressure than we have been. Hopefully we can take the bye week, get healthy, and build off this performance.

    And boy was Manning annoying. I understand getting frustrated with some of the calls but he did it too much.

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    The most active the defense has been in quite a while. Still some issues in the line. The line seemed to play best when Cole was at tackle and Thomson at end. Thomson seems to be learning the position and is not getting pushed to the inside as much on corner runs. KGB had a nice game too.

    The O-line still needs work. I like the 30 plus run offensive. Regardless of the Average per Carry, it keps the opponent honest. Little weak on play calling at the end of the first half. That drive should have been another TD. Bad clock management.

    Nit-picky stuff. Overall, a very good game to take them into the break.

  5. RayMidge Says:

    Grant looks much better, but I would still like to see Jackson mixed in more earlier in the game. I think his tough style is a good combo with Grant’s more slashing style. Maybe every 4th series or so should feature Jackson.

    It does appear that the best-case scenario has developed with the d-backs. Williams only gets better and I think Blackmon has improved as well. Such a crucial position to have depth at and it seems that these injuries may turnout ot be a blessing in disguise.

    I thought the O-Line was much better although I understand that Indy is known for being a bit undersized. Still, I suspect I may have underestimated how disruptive it is to any o-line, but especially a young one, to have had so many injurties and shuffling around with Wells out early. His return seems to have improved them every week, let’s hope it’s a continuing trend.

    I am still very concerned about the D-Line. We need Harrell to come back and be a contributor. Thompson didn’t seem to be much of a factor as a starter.

    Rodgers just seems to very very rarely throw a bad ball. I realize it’s a completely absurd comparison, but he reminds me a little bit of Joe Montana in terms of how he moves and throws. As he gets more and more comfortable I think we really have found a keeper.

    I just keep telling myself they are young and improving and week-to-week they just have to get a little sharper. It’s a wide open season, anything can happen.

    Where is James Jones?

  6. awhayes Says:

    5 great comments above – read them all.

    James Jones is still out nursing that knee injury. Right after it happened, he was limping pretty badly and my guess is that despite his best efforts, he has just not been cleared to play (though he tried to come back for part of one game). I don’t think it’s anything that will require surgery though. Hopefully after the bye week, he’ll be back and ready to go – making our already sound passing attack even sharper.

  7. The Choj Says:

    correct me if i’m wrong, but didn’t favre hand the ball off the EXACT same way as rodgers? it bothered me for a long time that he did that, but i guess i’m so used to it now it doesn’t really phase me…however, it is blatantly obvious

    years ago i remember wondering if it was a sherman thing, that’s where i really remember noticing it. but since rodgers does it now as well, i wonder if it was just brett and aaron just does it after watching him for so many years

  8. awhayes Says:

    The Choj – you are absolutely right. In fact, last week I noted that this was something that Favre did as well. Skeptics may well say that it didn’t seem to negatively affect the running game last year when Grant was so good. But I would argue that last year, the running game was good more because the O-Line and Grant were in sync, and Grant was very very good – in short, they succeeded in spite of the obvious hand off thing.

    Peyton Manning actually does this too – sometimes even falling over as he’s handing off. I never thought I’d suggest that Rodgers should take a page from the Seneca Wallace quarterbacking book, but Wallace is actually quite good at disguising the play until the last second when handing off. It’s a little thing, but something I believe could result in more guessing for defenses.

  9. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    Is it time to re-readjust expectations?

  10. 56Coop Says:


    ScottinWisconsin–Even if these allegations about Favre talking to other teams are true (and I hope & pray they are not) there a two coaches in this league that I belive to have too much integrity to ever even listen to Favre–Tony Dungy & Lovie Smith. Therefor I don’t think the Colts had any previous knowledge of what our running game was going to do (outside of watching films). I think it’s Rodgers handoff style (which is exactly how Favre used to do it) & the direction the rest of the players are taking that telegraphs the running game.

    Finally to Donald’s Designated Driver–I wouldn’t be adjusting any expectations yet. The Pack has still yet to beat a team with a winning record & you have to remember Manning isn’t playing like his old self. I’ve been a Packer fan (like all of you) since I was 8 & I am in my 50’s now. I enjoy the playoff runs & want them to continue. I’ll see how we do against Tennesee, Chicago & Carolina–if we get those games then expectations should & will be high.

    The Pack is definitely improving & I think the future looks good–we just need to start beating the GOOD teams.

  11. The Choj Says:

    56Coop – yes indy and manning aren’t the same this year, but the colts were 3-2 coming into lambeau, i would count that as beating a team with a winning record

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