Offensive play option – you can use it McCarthy, if you want to


I’ll let you decide if you think this idea is offensive or…offensive. But I was just thinking about this for no reason whatsoever. What if the Packers started out the game by passing the ball 3 straight times to FB Korey Hall? 1) He’s probably THE last guy on the field Indy is thinking about; 2) he’s a decent receiver it seems and he’s be pumped for it; 3) the players may all collectively rally around an unheralded hard-worker type getting extra attention; 4) it might have the immediate effect of Indy defensive personnel wondering re their defensive game plan; 5) after the 2nd completion to I’m sure a wide-open Hall, Indy would start to wonder what’s going on and maybe keep an eye on him a little more but still dismiss him mostly because there are too many other weapons out there; 6) finally, after the 3rd pass his way (hopefully he’ll have picked up a first down in there), Indy will HAVE to shade coverage over to him – then Rodgers goes deep to Jennings for a TD.

STEVE ADDS: Or they could run the A-11, where all 11 offensive players are potentially eligible receivers.  I bring this up with great reluctance because I suspect it’ll lead to dozens of posts from Andy advocating this formation.  (It’s unclear that it would be legal in the NFL.)


3 Responses to “Offensive play option – you can use it McCarthy, if you want to”

  1. cuqui Says:

    I don’t know if I’d call it 3 straight times, but we aren’t passing enough to the FB IMO. Didn’t last year, either. The delayed flat pass seems to be open and we get a first down on the few times we use it.

  2. Aaron Rogders Says:

    I was reading the paper today. They were talking about the Colts no huddle offense. Here’s a crazy thought. Would it be worth, creating a match up before the Colts game between the Packers and the Madison Mustangs? From what I read before, they use a no huddle offense as well…

  3. Aaron Says:

    The A-11 is only legal in high school football.

    Oh, but you were fantasizing. Sorry… 😉

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