Game Keys – Colts

  • Take away Dallas Clark as an option as well as possible. Like Romo/Witten, Clark is Manning’s outlet guy and the guy is just very good. It sounds like Chillar is going to get extra time Sunday to help cover him.
  • Woodson vs Wayne. Not sure how MM will line up our CBs but it would make sense for Woodson to cover Wayne and Williams to cover Harrison. Manning has been uncharacteristically shaky this year (last week excepted), and if Woodson can jump an early route for a pick, that could be a big psychological boost for the Pack.
  • Grant Grant Grant. I have been waiting with Packer Nation for weeks for Grant to break a run. It seems like last year, even in games where he was having a bunch of 1-2 yard gains, he at least always had a long run for a TD. Not happening this year. Even if the line is bad and even if defenses are plugging holes because they know what’s coming, Grant needs to step up here and make something happen. He really needs a statement game and it would be really nice if it happened this week.
  • Our TEs have not been as involved this year as I want them to be. Indy does have a fast LB corps/defense overall which might lead one to think our TEs would have trouble being a factor. But I think Indy will focus lots of attention on stopping the run and stopping Jennings/Driver leaving other receiving options open (especially our TEs, even our FBs).
  • Bigby needs to light somebody up early. If he gets in there and makes a play, I think it will get the crowd into it and give us serious momentum.
  • We need to remember psychologically that while the Indy D has caused 8 turnovers in the last 5 quarters of play (3 by a horrific Sage Rosenfels and 5 by a listless Balt offense), that the Indy defense is not very good. We should be able to run all over them and pass right through them.
  • Fluster Manning early with a pick or lots of pressure (or ideally, somehow forcing a WR to run the wrong route) so that Manning starts whining so much that Harrison and Wayne both gang up on him, break his nose. While I like Sorgi, I’d rather have him in there than Manning.

3 Responses to “Game Keys – Colts”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Bigby will be lighting up no one on Sunday. Packers have listed him as Doubyfull. Add to that Pickett and Wells both Questionable. Harrel? MM not sure he’ll activiate.


  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Too upset to check spelling!

  3. bucky Says:

    Like most every week, this game will be won or lost along the line of scrimmage. In the three games the Packers have won, they won the battle in the trenches on both sides of the ball; in the three losses, they lost the battle, sometimes badly.

    The Packers have a chance against the Colts (in fact, I’ve picked them to win) because the Colts’ lines have struggled probably more than the Packers’ has. It does seem like they’ve started to improve in that area, however, so this will be an interesting test.

    The other big factor in this game will be the missing safeties. I agree with whichever one of Hayes boys noted a week or so ago that the loss of Bigby has really impacted the Packers’ defense. As evidence I submit the Colts’ defense, which is a mere shell of itself without Bob Sanders, but is extremely good when he’s in the lineup. He’s a real difference maker. Enough so that, were he to play tomorrow, I’d give the Packers no shot in the game. GB is missing Bigby, but Indy is missing Sanders, who is an even bigger loss. Tus I think the Packers get a W.

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