Bigby may be back for Colts game


Silverstein from jsonline had this to say today re the possibility that Bigby could be back and playing this Sunday…finally.

Bigby took his run test Wednesday and apparently passed with no problem. He ran around with no hesitation and at one point gave injured receiver James Jones the thumbs up when Jones walked by the defensive drills. Coach Mike McCarthy said Wednesday that if Bigby practiced Thursday there was a good chance he would play on Sunday. It’s unclear whether he’ll start, but if he’s physically OK, he’ll definitely play.

Let’s hope this happens. I think he’ll be a valuable guy back there against a team like Indy. Against us, I imagine Dallas Clark will be used a lot and it would be nice to have Bigby back there to assist with coverage. Perhaps more importantly though, it will be nice to have another competent player in the secondary for depth-sake as playing against Indy, any secondary can get winded fast.


One Response to “Bigby may be back for Colts game”

  1. Joe Says:

    That would be great. I would love to have Bigby back there hammering everyone who comes over the middle.

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