KC apparently backed out of Gonzalez deal


Read here from Jason Wilde at madison.com. (Thanks to reader Manolito for pointing this out to us). Apparently the Pack even sent papers to complete the deal and it was just minutes before the deadline that they learned the Chiefs wouldn’t take the deal. So I’m gathering that TT may have actually had very little opportunity to counteroffer once the Chiefs surprisingly backed out. So, with this info, I think it’s important for the sake of our accountability to not blame TT for this. He made a good faith offer that seemed like it would go through and looked good only to have a flaky GM in KC renege. I would have liked to have Gonzalez, but I’m ready to move on.


One Response to “KC apparently backed out of Gonzalez deal”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    In regards to the Gonzalez deal, I’m reminded of what my old Italian Grandpa told me. “Wish in one hand and @!#% in the other, then tell me which one fills up first.”

    MM’s problem now is simple. How he can inspire better play week after week for the next eleven games from under-manned, under-talented O and D lines? Let’s toss in the LB’s too. There are no options other than that.

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