Tony Gonzalez – join the Packers would ya?


A few weeks ago, in our weekly picks post, we wondered if TT was listening to the rumors that Gonzalez wants out of KC. Sounds like he really wants out now. Considering the trade deadline is tomorrow, I wonder if anyone at Packers HQ is talking about a way to bring in the Pro Bowl TE. Donald Lee is good and T Humphrey has shown some flashes of talent (Finley still looks raw and mistake prone). But adding Tony G would be an instant additional threat on our offense – both for pass receiving and blocking. He is a savvy, smart vet who could probably pick up at least some of the offense quickly. He would add value as a respected leader. He would also bring that overlooked ability to just find soft spots in defenses. And, if nothing else, he’s definitely the kind of player defenses can’t ignore – he demands attention. He would be an upgrade for the Packers.

My only concern would be that he would come with a fairly high price tag as the Chief’s are known to drive a hard bargain. If Gonzalez would agree to play for at least 2-3 more years, I think we could justify giving up a 2nd or 3rd round pick and possibly then a later round pick or a throw-in player as well. By the way, I’m not the only person to put this idea out there – this is from Peter King’s column this morning:

“I think there’s a 50-50 chance Tony Gonzalez goes to the Giants, Bills or Packers.”

UPDATE: more support for this trade over at Read here.


18 Responses to “Tony Gonzalez – join the Packers would ya?”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    No – We don’t need an old tight end. Now if we could trade for some D-line and/or O-line help, go for it.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Why D-line? Looks like Pickett is out for Sunday (strained bicep).

  3. sfhayes Says:

    I’d do it only for a very low draft pick — too low for KC. The problem isn’t that Donald Lee isn’t good, it’s that we’re not throwing him the ball much. He was more than serviceable last year. I’m with Ron, if we’re doing anything over the next 24 hours (and I’m skeptical we will) it should involve the defensive line.

  4. DaveK Says:

    ESPN is reporting the Chiefs want a 3rd rounder for him. I doubt that happens. I don’t think Gonzalez is that much of an upgrade over Lee to justify a 3rd round pick. I think the Packers have bigger issues to address then finding a new TE.

  5. awhayes Says:

    I would consider a 3rd round pick for T Gonz. Yes, we have bigger issues to address like the D-Line, but that shouldn’t stop us from exploring other ways to improve the team. I agree that Gonzalez wouldn’t be a huge upgrade over Lee (though he would be an upgrade), but to me, the beauty of acquiring him would be giving MM a quality, reliable receiver/blocker AND a new look on offense- 2 TE sets. Maybe I’m just stuck on the ’96 Packers in the same way we were all stuck on the ’82 Brewers, but that 2 TE set used by Holmgren was very difficult to defend. Combine that somehow with some of MM’s 3 WR sets and that could leave even good defenses scrambling. He’s also a massive end zone target.

  6. Daniel Says:

    I don’t think we need a Tight End, but Tony is a great player. If he become a Packer, I’ll be happy.

  7. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    Wolf gave up a 2nd round pick for Keith Jackson (who even initially refused to show up). Jackson was 30 years old at the time and only played one and half seasons Green Bay, but I think most people would agree that he was worth the second round pick.

    In comparison to the Jackson deal, Gonzo for a third looks like a stone cold steal. Also, Gonzo had over 1100 yards last season. I’d say he is more than a modest upgrade over Donald Lee.

  8. Ron La Canne Says:


    The difference between Jackson and Gonzalez:

    (1) GB already had the best defense in the NFL at the time Jackson was aquired. We sure don’t now.

    (2) GB had an O-Line that allowed the TE’s to get involved in the Pass Patterns. The reason Lee has not been more productive – he’s being held in for blocking on every pass play (With a very few exceptions)

    (3) Just how much difference will Gonzalez scoring two or three additional TD’s make?

    (4) Gonzalez would not want to come to GB. He wants to be a featured receiver. We’ve got DD and Jennings. The TE’s are used for 2nd or 3rd options for the most part. Not what Tony wants.

  9. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    (1) Totally and comically irrelevant. Are you trying to say that the Packers shouldn’t make any upgrades of the roster unless they are on the defensive side? This is just silly. Can’t sign a new punter because the defense needs work. And don’t even think about signing that awesome veteran back-up QB that some are pining over because the defensive line needs bodies.

    The fact is: you aren’t going to a quick fix for the defense. It isn’t available. What is available is one of the greatest TE’s of all time. The only two questions that are relevant are “Will he improve the team” and “Is he worth the asking price.”

    (2) As others have mentioned GB could implement a pretty wicked two TE set.

    (3) Over-simplification. Its not just about TDs. Its about the attention he will draw. Its about sustained offensive drives and converting third downs.

    (4) This is totally speculative. In any event: Jackson didn’t want to come to Green Bay either at first and actually held out to start the season. It was still worth it looking back though wasn’t it?

  10. awhayes Says:

    I don’t think Gonzalez needs to be THE receiving target – I don’t think he’s looking for that at all. He just wants to play for a team that doesn’t totally suck and has a future. He would like to come to Green Bay I’d think and he’d be fine not being THE guy – in fact, I think he’d be extra good finally not feeling like he has to be THE guy.

    I agree with DDD, just because we need help on the D-Line, doesn’t mean we can’t fill other spots at the same time. It’s all about availability and right now, the best TE of all time is available (even though he’s not as good as he once was).

  11. Ron La Canne Says:

    He won’t be coming anyway, but indeed he is demanding to be a featured receiver.

    Wolf could afford a #2 when the base of his team was in place, Does anyone think the Packers base O and D line are in place?

    Two TE formations? Oxymoron! In today’s game all that means is you have a TE on the roster playing a wide out position, you now have seven blockers or you drop one into a vacant zone.

  12. Joe Says:

    “but indeed he is demanding to be a featured receiver.” Do you have a source for that?

    “Does anyone think the Packers base O and D line are in place?” Well, do you mean when folks are healthy? Cause when everyone is healthy I think our D-line is okay to good. But with the injuries we’ve had they suck. I am not sure keeping a 3rd round draft pick around has much to do with keeping guys healthy.

  13. bucky Says:

    Well, if Gonzalez went to the Giants, I’m not sure Plaxico Burress would appreciate the TE becoming the focus of the passing game. And it sure seems as if Trent Edwards (when’s he coming back, anyway) has established a pretty nice rapport with Lee Evans, which I don’t think will change either. And they already have a pretty good TE in Boss. So what’s left?

  14. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    the packers are left.

    wait, that was supposed to be one of those rhetorical question things … damnit.

    actually, the chefs (great googly-moogly) are left. and so is every other team in the nfl, unless we think the reports that limit what teams are likely are airtight. but i don’t think this will happen anyhow. because i’m eeyore.

  15. bucky Says:

    FYI, the sentence about Boss above should have been in the middle of the paragraph, as he’s with the Giants of course.

    But since I’m on a roll in blowing off my paying work today, let me characterize the question in this way: I don’t think there are a whole hell of a lot of contenders out there in which an incoming tight end will immediately become the featured receiver. Any team that’s already considered a contender is going to have at least one wideout who’s been established as pretty reliable, and they’re not gonig to screw that up just for Tony Gonzalez. So I reject the premise.

  16. DaveK Says:

    Well – the deadline is gone and past. He stays a Chief unless they cut him or he retires. I have yet to see a Chiefs game this year so I wonder what all 31 teams passed on. Is he the Tony of old – a total beast that is nearly impossible to defend or is he past his prime and to what degree?

  17. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    JS is reporting that the Packers offered a third but KC insisted on a 2nd.

  18. Response to post re picking up Gonzalez « packergeeks Says:

    […] the way, this isn’t the first time Packergeeks has lobbied for Gonzalez. Read here and here. There are other posts too. It’s pretty safe to say that if Steve and I were co-GMs, Gonzalez […]

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