Game recap – Seattle


I agree with some of Steve’s points – here were my thoughts:

  • Seattle is very, very bad. They have some talent on defense, but they are very very bad. Steve and I both had them at the bottom of the NFC West – I’d be shocked if that doesn’t happen.
  • The Packers let a very bad team hang around for a little longer than I would have hoped.
  • Mike McCarthy, for the first time in a few games, must have inspired the team at halftime. This is important. As we’ve noted during the 3 game losing streak (and the 2nd half of the Lion’s game), the team seemed to lose focus each game in the second half. This time, MM got the team on the same page and they played quality ball and just finished off a weak opponent.
  • Great to see a pass rush. But tough to watch Seattle blatantly running to their left (our right) over and over in the beginning of the game because it was so easy. Reminiscent of how things were before KGB stopped being the full-time starter. Jeremy Thompson wasn’t horrendous, but we really miss Jenkins.
  • More aggressive LB play especially by Barnett – finally.
  • Secondary looked sharp.
  • Rodgers looked very focused out there, as did a good number of our players. It really seemed like MM successfully communicated to them the significance of this game.
  • Rodgers is really good (though he had some shaky throws early on).
  • Will Blackmon is great back there. He is such an active runner that for the first time almost since Desmond Howard (OK maybe a bit with Rossum), we have someone returning kicks/punts who excites us and scares the opponents. Seems odd for someone to both play tall and be so shifty – almost Adrian Peterson-like.
  • Possession and field position were two important battles we won yesterday – 2 things we’ve struggled with this year.
  • Few penalties -finally.
  • Yesterday, I picked Atlanta to win (which they did in a wild one against Chicago), in part because I actually believe Atlanta is pretty good. Yesterday’s performance supported that belief. It also gives me a tad bit of comfort to know that we played lousy and barely lost to a good Atlanta team in Week 5.
  • I’m excited going into next week. Indy should be a good game. I figured they’d handle Balt only because Indy got a massive emotional boost by snatching victory from Houston the previous week. They are on a roll and their offense is back in motion which is always scary. But the way some members of our secondary are playing, this could be a great match-up.
  • Steve offered up that Greg Jennings is a top 5 receiver. Steve is usually less restrained when declaring such things – but this time, that’s not the case. I’ll say it again as I did several weeks ago – Greg Jennings is better than Randy Moss and better than Terrell Owens. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say right now, Greg Jennings is the best WR in the NFL. He leads the NFL in yards (by almost 90), he is top 5 in average yards per play, 2nd in TDs among WRs, he has more catches of 20+ yards than anyone and more catches of 40+ yards than anyone. He hasn’t fumbled and he gets lots of first downs. In short, he does something extra positive nearly every single time he touches the ball. That’s what special players do. Now, I know for some of the other top WRs, they face constant double teams and may not have high quality players opposite them (like Jennings has Driver) to open things up. But, just the other day, Aaron Rodgers was on Fox 6 sports answering a question about whether Jennings was seeing more double coverages. He said that Jennings is definitely getting more attention now and that it’s nice to also have Driver available if defenses are shading coverage toward Jennings. My point is, now Jennings is getting doubled and getting the star treatment from opposing defenses. And he’s still having monster games and making key plays.

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