Not a great win, but a win nonetheless.

Our offensive line is very bad. I’d called them “atrocious” initially, but they improved as the day went on, particularly in pass protection.

No one runs harder up the backs of his offensive lineman than Ryan Grant. He had very few holes, but he’s also missing ones on the rare times they are there.

Greg Jennings is one of the top five WRs in the league.

Ryan Pickett could use an ab roller.

It’s true that our secondary was facing Charlie Frye, but we are very strong in the defensive backfield and will be much better when Atari Bigby is back.

Right now, Charles Woodson is the best cornerback in the league.

Aaron Kampman is really a solid blue-collar defensive lineman. He brings his lunch pail to work every day. I hate the cliches used to describe Aaron Kampman.

Seriously, how can Derrick Frost have a job? He averaged 36.5 yards a punt, but that number was 31.0 before his last kick.  And that kick, although it went for 46 yards, was actually kicked a little more than thirty but it was a line drive and Frost got a very lucky bounce.  He is awful.  I’m not writing anything more about him — I’ll just keep posting that sentence: Seriously, how can Derrick Frost have a job? But it should be said that every game he is a Packer my opinion of Ted Thompson diminishes.

Aaron Rodgers’ throw to Greg Jennings was perfect. It could not have been thrown any better.

Rodgers is missing some reads and locking on receivers early — more than he was doing the first week of the season — but he is playing at a Pro Bowl level. That’s not hyperbole. Drew Brees is a lock at this point and Tony Romo is a strong possibility. But if you look at the numbers, Rodgers would be the #3 choice, with Kurt Warner a close fourth.

Oh yeah, and he’s hurt.

3-3. I’ll take it. Next week’s game against Indianapolis will be huge. Joseph Addai left their game today early with a hamstring pull and did not return. I don’t know whether they kept him out because the game was out of hand early or because he is genuinely hurt. But if he’s out that is a major advantage, given our run defense.


12 Responses to “Thoughts”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    Rodgers is missing some reads. I’m hoping its partially due to his inexperience and partially due to not trusting his O-line and so he’s rushing trying to find someone. If so, both of those conditions are fixable.

  2. Aaron Rogders Says:

    What happened to the UW Badger punter we had in training camp. Why can’t we call him?

    We have Jackson and Wynn to use, so why not try them out??. I didn’t look at Grants average yet but he looked HORRIBLE. I was at Pedros and everyone was chanting “One Yard Grant”.

    I was wondering during the first half if Flynn was going to play. Rodger’s injury was obviously effecting his throws. He turned it around though and looked very good.

    Our defense actually look OK :). The secondary played awesome. I can’t believe we are tied for first in our division. Watching the Bears lose at the end just made my day! The Cowboys losing was even better. Sunday was a great football day but not Saturday…

  3. Daniel Says:


    I’m Daniel and I have a website of NFL in Brazil, I want to congratulate you for Packer Geeks, it’s my favorite Packers Blog.

    Don’t know how Frost is a Packer and I hope our lines can have a better in the next round.

    Go Packers and go Rodgers!

  4. Daniel Says:


    I’m Daniel and I have a website of NFL in Brazil, I want to congratulate you for Packer Geeks, it’s my favorite Packers Blog.

    Don’t know how Frost is a Packer and I hope our lines can have a better performance in the next round.

    Go Packers and go Rodgers!

  5. Ace Says:

    I believe Ken de Bauche was in for a tryout last week as was another punter. Did you see Ryan’s boomer in the first quarter? Frost will be replaced this week–is Ray Guy still alive?
    Seattle’s run defense is good–limited holes for Grant. I also wondered why Jackson didn’t get some carries. Rodgers looked good. (so did #4).

  6. sfhayes Says:

    Brandon Jackson was inactive because of an illness.

  7. scott in wisconsin Says:

    #4 looked good against a horrible secondary. Let’s see Jets play a contender. I thought Rodgers was out after that helmet to shoulder hit but ya gotta admit, the guy is tough and answered with a TD. Reminds me of another GB QB! One that I love but isn’t with the family anymore.

  8. verno329 Says:

    It will be very important to get this win against the Colts on Sunday so we can go into the bye 4-3 instead of 3-4. That will make a big difference.

    I really am curious about Grant’s disappearing act so far this year. Yesterday was the best he’s played this year, but he seems to be struggling to find the hole and hit it. His cutbacks haven’t been as good as last year and he doesn’t seem to have that same big-play ability. Now, that being said, we didn’t have any semblance of a run game last year until somewhere between weeks 8-10 and the run game came on to play a big role late in the season. Hopefully that can happen again.

  9. awhayes Says:

    Welcome Daniel from Brazil! Thank you for the compliment. Go Packers.

  10. Aaron Says:

    A Rodg: “What happened to the UW Badger punter we had in training camp. Why can’t we call him?”

    They had him in last week for a workout. Hope they sign him.

  11. Ron La Canne Says:

    Just had a little more crow Aaron. Williams is the real deal. I thought it would take at least a year of starting to handle one on one consistently. He’s doing it now.

    Defense played better but it’s hard to judge if they’ve turned the corner. They almost had a 51 yarder off the left side of their O-line, but Wahle saved us. O-line is still weak. Hardly any running holes and too much pressure on Rodgers. Woodson? WOW.

    Next week’s is going to be a real challenge. They still have to improve a lot.

  12. DaveK Says:

    A win is a win but it took them three full quarters to put away a really bad team starting a 3rd string QB. I don’t take much comfort in that. I’m glad to see they kept going to Grant 30+ times despite the general lack of production from the running game. It needs work and they will need it big time next week to beat Indy who is at the bottom of the league in run defense. Next week will be a true barometer for the offense. Can they run against a porous run defense and keep the Indy offense off the field? I think that will be the key to the game. Heck, Houston put up 150 yards on the ground against them and should have beat Indy if not for their QB fumbling twice in the last 3 minutes.

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