The Minnesota Tease


Not sure how Minnesota won that game last night against New Orleans…surprising. But one reason they may have won was the play of Gus Frerotte. I am on record (on multiple occasions) saying Frerotte sucks, the Packers should never have brought him in for a tryout earlier this year and the Vikings were nuts for picking him up and eventually handing him the starting job. Some might want to tell me to eat crow (strange expression, especially for those living along the Appalachia), but I refuse to do that and here’s why: Gus Frerotte is simply this year’s Minnesota Tease.

Every year, someone or something teases Vikings’ fans into thinking that their team may be legit. For a few years, especially under Mike Tice, they would start the year red hot and then fade in dramatic fashion at the end of the year, sometimes fading right out of the playoff picture incredibly. Other years, like with Cunningham/Culpepper/Moss, they would dominate the regular season – like when they went 15-1 only to lose at home in the playoffs. If you want to, go back to the 1970s when the Vikes had dominant players and should have won at least one Super Bowl. Nothing. Last year they had a rookie sensation running wild only to poop out at the end of the season. This year, Gus Frerotte may be stepping into the role of the Minnesota Tease. My guess is that he’ll thrive off the momentum gained from last night’s performance and possibly play another good game or two. But after that, the Vikings will realize why he was extremely available in the offseason and ultimately Childress will pay the price.

(Disclaimer: I didn’t write this post because I thought the Tarvaris benching was premature and still think he’s not horrible. I wrote this post because I’ve noticed a long-term pattern of collective team behavior and believe that history is bound to repeat itself).


10 Responses to “The Minnesota Tease”

  1. Nothing Fancy Says:

    Gus Frerotte – he’s a prime example of one of those solid journeyman QBs who simply gets the job done. He’s not flashy, he’s not fun, but he’s gets it done. Just like Kerry Collins is quietly getting it done in Tennessee. Gus Frerotte could sneak by and get it done for MN this year. You never know. Don’t sell him short. Look what Todd Collins did for Washington last year. He got that sorry team into the playoffs. Those boring, yet solid guys can get it done. Good luck!

  2. PackSmack Says:

    Good observation…and you’re probably right. We all know that the Bears still suck and the Vikings still choke, that’s just how it is.

    As for the Vikings season this year, they could beat anybody, including Dallas, but they could also lose to anybody. And unless they find a way to open up a hole or two for AP, Frerotte’s efforts will basically be futile, as all Viking efforts have ever been.

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Count me among the Frerotte doubters. He looked terrible last year playing for the Rams in relief of Bulger. But this year’s results certainly support a conclusion that it was a case of an OK QB playing on a really bad team.


  4. davek Says:

    Did anyone actually watch that game last night? MN had like 70 yards in the first half but were handed 17 points by New Orleans from a blocked punt for a TD, a failed onside kick that put them in field goal range, and a fumble recovery at the Saints 10 yard line. The fumble turned into a TD thanks to a trick play where Chester Taylor threw a pass on a halfback option. Gus played better in the 4th quarter after a brutal 3rd quarter where I think they maybe had one first down. In the 4th, he did make a few nice throws but he wasn’t consitant and that offense sputtered far more then in worked during the game. I think the Vikings offense had one sustained drive in the game that ended in a field goal. New Orleans was also putting eight in the box quite a bit and a starting CB was out injured in the first half. I’ll give Gus some credit. He made some throws when needed and squeaked out a win but I don’t think any defense is going to lose sleep over a Gus Frerotte lead Vikings offense.

  5. awhayes Says:

    you’re right Dave K – he actually wasn’t spectacular last night. He was fairly mediocre but did make a couple key throws. I’m with you all the way though- the guy is bad and he’ll tease for maybe another game or two only to come crashing down with a 4-5 turnover game ruining any Viking momentum. At some point this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if Childress has to re-swallow his pride and consider putting Tarvaris back in!

  6. Nothing Fancy Says:

    Bottom line is that Minnesota screwed up. Jackson is a bust, yet they made the decision to put all of their eggs in the Jackson basket. They could have gone out in the off season and signed a capable QB, but they were so confident that Jackson was the guy – that they just signed Frerotte for backup. Seriously…what were they thinking? Jackson is NOT the guy.

  7. lostinutah Says:

    Isn’t Frerotte the one who ran his head into the goalpost on purpose?

    If so…he doesn’t seem too smart.

  8. davek Says:

    Fancy – I agree totally. Childress bought into Jackson and sang his praises for the entire offseason. Then after two games he sees what everone else saw the last two years – an inaccurate QB that isn’t football smart enough to attack the weak spot in a defense. I think Jackson may have had some marginal success with a better coach but with Childress he just has no chance. What worries me more are the Bears. They are getting decent QB play and somehow cobbled together a line to block for a really good young RB. Couple that with a healthy and aggressive defense and they are the threat in this division. The Bears are not more talented then the Packers but they are certainly playing better right now.

  9. Dave in Tucson Says:

    lostinutah — yeah, he’s the one.

  10. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    I realize I’m making a habit of commenting on the ‘wrong’ post, but this time i felt it was important.

    last night, driving home from work, michael kay (yankee’s announcer/radio talkshow host) was interviewing Eric Mangini, who revealed that his wife is expecting their third child a few days from now. He went on to comment that they would have to move “away from man-to-man to a more zone-based coverage.” And you know how you can tell if someone is smiling sometimes when they’re talking or singing? I could swear he was winking when he said this.

    Now I know he’s a football coach, and football coach-parents have probably been using that metaphor for centuries, but still. Maybe Mangini sees the inevitable (the Hayes GM plan), and wants to coach for the Packers someday. Very calculated move there, Eric.

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