A rare NHL post – Chris Chelios still playing????


Read here re an injury Chelios sustained recently, WHILE STILL PLAYING IN THE NHL! Yes, it is the same Chris Chelios some of us admired back in the 1980s when he played at the University of Wisconsin. He is 46 years old! What?!? He is currently playing in his 25th year in the NHL. That is unreal. I wonder if he totally sucks and everyone is afraid to tell him he has to stop or if he still contributes. Hilariously, he is in a distant 2nd place as far as being the oldest NHL player – still 6 years shy of the all-time age mark set by Gordie Howe, who played until he was 52.

STEVE ADDS: Chelios is a beast.  He does not totally suck, though he’s a little slower than he used to be (but only a little).  He is such a smart player that he can do things that younger, faster players cannot.  Like all hockey greats — Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Ovechkin — he sees play developing one or two steps before the others on the ice.  Even though his does not play for the the NHL version of America’s Team, reigning Southeast Division champs, he’s great to watch.


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