2008 Week 5 picks

  • Atl @ GB (-6.5) – I’ve tossed and turned over this game. At first I thought it would be hard to pick not knowing Rodgers’ real status. While both Rodgers and Flynn will be affected by NFL sack-leader John Abraham’s pressure, Flynn would feel it more. In the end though, I’ve determined for some reason that QB play will not dramatically affect this game. I think the Pack will stick to their running game this week and it will pay off. Grant (on my fantasy team) will have nearly 200 yards and 3 TDs while his counterpart Michael Turner (also on my fantasy team) will struggle for 60 yards and 2 fumbles. Packers by 17. Also, Woodson may give Matt Ryan a rude welcome to Lambeau.
  • Chic @ Det (3.5) – Chic did just beat Philly (w/out Westbrook) and Philly is apparently good this year. And Orton is looking fairly un-Grossman-like this year. But I’m looking for an ugly game from Chic this week. Orton and yes, Matt Forte will struggle in a game they shouldn’t. Forte has been really good so far…suspiciously so. This may be the week we all learn about Forte’s silent weakness: fumbling.
  • Indy @ Hou (-3.5) – Houston will roll Indy. I’ll say it again, without Bob Sanders, Indy is not that great.
  • KC @ Car (-9.5) – I’ve heard Carolina has some of the best BBQ out there. But KC is no slouch in that department. Not sure why I note that here. Hungry I guess. (Car a surprisingly mediocre home team).
  • SD @ Miami (6.5) – Tough game to pick. If Tony Sparano has 2 weeks to game plan…look out. We may see some drop kick FGs, Pennington throwing lefty, fake kneel downs, kickers lining up for passes…
  • Sea @ NYG (-6.5) – Imagine if you will, being an NFL player, finishing up a horrendous first half of football, being 5 minutes late for the half-time discussion, and having Tom Coughlin and Mike Holmgren as co-head-coaches. Can you imagine the wrath? You’d be fined $50,000 for not being EARLY to the half-time discussion and Holmgren might Bill Schroeder you. Crack pick alert: Seahawks by 10, for absolutely no good reason.
  • Tenn @ Balt (2.5) – Another tough game. Balt looked impressive at times last week against the always-tough Steelers. But Tenn has looked impressive all year long. This will be a Kerry Collins puke game though – expect a few turnovers from him. Also, would any of you let your son/daughter watch a pre-game showing Ray Lewis getting the team fired up on the sidelines? I’m not quite sure how I’d explain that kind of behavior to a child.
  • Wash @ Philly (-5.5) – Wow, this spread makes for easy bulletin board material for the Skins here. They are 3-1 and the Eagles are 2-2 (corrected). It’s too early to say I told you so about the Skins, but I told you so (sorry Skins fans, I’ve just jinxed your season). You know, one thing that is just hilarious is that Philly is called the “City of Brotherly Love”. That is hilarious. I’m not sure there is another city in the US where you stand a better chance of being unwittingly pulled into a fist fight of some kind.
  • TB @ Den (-3.5) – The wife picked TB outright here. And they do look good. Tempting and sensible considering Denver hasn’t played a great defense yet. Still, I expect Denver to edge TB in this one, by 3.75.
  • Buff @ AZ (-1.5) – For a guy who loves the Buff and picked them to be good this year, it doesn’t make much sense to pick against them for the 2nd week in a row. But I think AZ will get hot in this one and win by a touchdown or so.
  • Cincy @ Dal (-10.5) – for an upset-minded picker, I tried to think of every possible way there could be an upset here (Palmer finally plays well…if he plays, Perry has a big ground game, Romo loses focus in another home game). Nothing substantive. Blowout that may finally lead to Lewis’ ouster.
  • NE @ SF (3.5) – NE after a bye week, not what I’d want to face if I were Mike Nolan. When a SF fan looked at this game 4 months ago on the schedule, it would have been hard to imagine a Cassel/O’Sullivan duo at QB.
  • MN @ NO (-3.5) – I was tempted to pick MN only because NO sometimes disappoints and their run D could struggle big-time against AP. However, I drifted back to NO quickly when I remembered Childress is coaching the Vikings and will probably limit AP’s carries to give Visanthe Shiancoe a chance to show his stuff

STEVE ADDS: Chicago, Indy, Carolina, San Diego, NY Giants, Tennessee, Philly, Denver, Arizona, San Francisco, Jacksonville, New Orleans.  And yes, Atlanta.  I’m assuming that Rodgers is not going to play.  Atlanta will run all over the Packers and it’s going to be ugly.  Atlanta comes into the game ranked #1 in rushing and the Packers are 26th against the run.  Ugly.  That said, if Rodgers plays the Packers will win.


2 Responses to “2008 Week 5 picks”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Thought we needed some good news going into the game Sunday.

    Salute’ Mr. Woodson
    Woodson tied for the NFC lead with three interceptions and had an NFL-best two interception-return touchdowns during September. All three of his interceptions came in the fourth quarter and each one resulted in a Packers’ touchdown. Against Detroit in Week 2, Woodson sealed the victory with a pair of fourth-quarter interceptions, including one he returned 41 yards for a score. In Week 4, the 11-year veteran had a 62-yard interception-return touchdown against Tampa Bay to give the Packers a fourth-quarter lead.

    In his 11th year from Michigan, this is Woodson’s first career Player of the Month Award. He is the second consecutive Packer to be honored on defense (ATARI BIGBY, December 2007) and the first cornerback in franchise history to win the award. Bigby and Woodson are the only Packers defensive backs to be honored.

  2. bucky Says:

    Eagles are 2-2, not 1-3.

    Some interesting picks. I think I’m with you on Houston/Colts. But I just don’t see the Lions doing anything.

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