Less Optimistic About Rodgers for Sunday


After hearing about Aaron Rodgers today on Sirius NFL Radio, it seemed more likely than not that he’d play on Sunday.  Reading this from Sports Illustrated I’m not so sure.  Rodgers “isn’t likely to throw until Friday at the earliest.”

Whether he plays has little to do with how much pain he is in and more to do with whether he can actually throw the ball.  “Things are, at least in the big picture, getting better,” Rodgers said. “The swelling’s going down. But now really, it’s really about the strength. If I get the strength back, then I can throw. I’ll be able to play.”

So Rodgers is considering taking a shot.  Grim.

“That (has) potential, I think,” Rodgers said. “That’s kind of what I was talking about. There’s different options once you get to later in the week. Now, I don’t know if that’s the philosophy per se, if that’s the main philosophy. But I talked to Trent Dilfer, and he’s had 10 shoulder dislocations, and he said that was something he definitely used to get through the pain.”

But Rodgers doesn’t want to risk long-term damage.

“That gets into, what do you want to put into your arm? Cortisone is not kind of the typical, I think, thing used for something like this,” Rodgers said. “That can be detrimental, I think to some of the ligaments in there, but dulling the pain. I mean, I don’t know. I’m just talking hypothetical. Hopefully I won’t have to shoot up, strength will come back in the next couple days, be able to throw Friday and go from there.”


4 Responses to “Less Optimistic About Rodgers for Sunday”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Here’s the long version from Packers.com.


    The most concerning comments to me are the ones about starting to throw a tennis ball and working up with weighted balls. That sure sounds like, as of today, he is not able to throw the football. That sounds like a lot of progress in just a few days needs to be made. If he can’t throw deep and with authority they may as well paint a target on his butt.

  2. Bill Walsh Says:

    The wire story ESPN had up said he handed off the ball three or so times and then left the field. Not too encouraging.

  3. ja Says:

    What I don’t quite understand is that his arm strength appeared to be fine on the deep laser he threw to Jennings on the 2nd TD, which was after he suffered the injury. Now maybe he reinjured it on that throw, but given that no serious damage was found, I suspect that they’re telling him to leave it alone for a week to allow for maximum healing time.

    The reports about taking a few handoffs in practice and then leaving early have everyone worried, but there’s no indication that those snaps led to any pain. I’m guessing it’s all part of the plan for him to take it easy this week but that they fully expect him to play on Sunday.

  4. lostinutah Says:


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