Peter King’s right – Kurt Warner is a good guy


Read the following from Peter King’s MMQB column over at (For the full story, go here). I know a good many of us were annoyed by his wife back in 1999 when Warner was dominant with the Rams, but this is cool, really cool. What a neat thing to do – especially considering they’ve made it a practice to do it anonymously.

Good Guy of the Week

Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner.

Karen Crouse of the New York Times wrote a good feature on Warner in last Friday’s paper, with a prescient story as the lead. Seems that Warner, wife, Brenda, and one or more of the Warner children have a practice the night before football games. They sit at their table in a restaurant, look over the dining room, and pick out one family. Warner then informs the wait staff that, anonymously, he’d like the dinner tab of that family of strangers added to his.

Crouse wrote the Warners have been doing this for several years “as a way of instilling in their children the joy of giving,” and quoted Warner thusly: “We want our kids to grow up knowing that because of football we are so blessed.”

Just another reason why you can never say enough good things about Kurt Warner.

3 Responses to “Peter King’s right – Kurt Warner is a good guy”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Nice story about a guy who quietly did something to make someone else feel good. As for his wife Andy, that was the time he was beating the snot out of the Packers. Might have something to do with her favorable ratings here in Packerland.

  2. awhayes Says:

    good point Ron.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    Sh*t!!!!!!!!!! Cullen Jenkins on IR – Out for the Year. Now what the hell can they do? It is beginning to look like many decisions made prior to Favre are becoming the bane of TT & MM. 3-4 anyone? And just what the hell is MM dising DD for?

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