NFL coaches on the way out


Scott Linehan, St Louis (gone) – Obviously he’s already gone. Good move. I’m not sure what happened between he and Bulger, but that was the last straw (or perhaps just having zero success was the last straw, not sure).

Marvin Lewis, Cincy (should go now) – Marvin Lewis has to go. It appears as though there has been a disconnect between he and the front office for a few years now. Earlier this year, shortly after Marvin Lewis essentially declared that Chris Henry would never be a Bengal again, Henry was re-signed by the front office. Lewis, touted as a defensive genius when he took the job, has led horrible Bengal defenses in each of his years there. He needs to go now.

Brad Childress, Minn (should go now) – Brad Childress is a very bad coach. There is no reason he should stick around in MN right now. While some believe it is the QB situation that has caused the Vikes to under-perform, I believe it is the coach. If you watch a Vike’s game carefully, you will come away amazed at the weak play-calling and the lack of creativity on offense. Their defense is good for the most part, but the offense is quite weak and this is because Childress is there. It will not improve – though they’ll win several game this year simply because their talent will overwhelm a few teams. When I picked them to win the NFC North this year, even I, a Childress detractor, underestimated his horribleness and the impact he could have on this team.

Lane Kiffin, Oak (1 more game) – Al Davis is a jackass. This whole will he/won’t he fire the coach drama is 100% about Al Davis wanting to direct more attention to his ugly self. That said, Kiffin hasn’t exactly knocked ’em dead out there in Oakland. But I’m not sure Kiffin is a bad coach. In fact, were it not for consecutive 4th quarter meltdowns, Kiffin and the Raiders could well be 3-1 right now having beaten two very good teams.

Mike Nolan, San Fran (a few more games) – somehow, this guy keeps getting his job back. I think he gets his job back each year because his dad once coached the 49ers (successfully) and they don’t want to be mean to him. But the fact is, with a .346 winning % – an 18-34 record – this guy should have no more than a few more games to turn this ship around. If he can’t, I’d recommend they just bump Martz up to head coach (and then hire an assistant to handle timeouts and challenge decisions).

Romeo Crenel, Cleve (end of the year) – Crenel had a decent season as a coach last year leading the Browns back to credibility, but something is going on this year. He has made questionable coaching decisions (that field goal against Pittsburgh???) and he’s apparently had a history of this. My guess is that the ugly victory over Cincy might help the Browns get going a bit, but so far, not good. If they don’t make the playoffs, he should be gone.

Rod Marinelli, Det (end of this year) – While part of me thinks it’s fair to see if Rod can turn it around by the end of the year, a much bigger part of me thinks that Detroit would be best served by cleaning house. He hasn’t proven to be a great coach in his time there, though obviously he’s had to deal with Millen personnel and I’m sure Millen input. (Though I did hear that Marinelli himself has helped with some of the recent draft mistakes).

Herm Edwards, KC (possibly end of this year) – Edwards may not be someone many would be thinking should lose his job. After all, he got KC to the playoffs unexpectedly in his first year and he hasn’t been blessed with high level personnel to work with (Brodie Croyle) since that time. But he strikes me as a guy players either respond to or they don’t and if things go south this year, his chances or getting his team back would be slim.

One Response to “NFL coaches on the way out”

  1. lostinutah Says:

    After beating Denver, Herm may get a reprieve. I really like that man.

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