Rodgers has “sprained shoulder”


According to Mike McCarthy’s press conference today, Aaron Rodgers has a sprained shoulder. The guys at profootballtalk liken it to Big Ben’s injury in Pitt – not a major injury but more discomfort it seems than anything. Perhaps it’s not as bad as some of us feared, but it’s difficult to say. If it is true that Rodgers will indeed split reps with Flynn this week, I’d say that’s a good sign. Also, read here from Greg Bedard at jsonline – similar update. I’d say from the what I’ve heard so far, it would be likely Rodgers would play on Sunday. If not, at least Flynn would get to face the Falcons who do not appear to be very good despite their 2-2 record.

6 Responses to “Rodgers has “sprained shoulder””

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    Hopefully Rodgers can play and be effective. One, I do think he gives us the best chance to win. Two, I really don’t want to hear from the Favre nuts. But I don’t want him to play if he is in significant danger of making the injury worse or is severly limited in what he can do.

  2. ja Says:

    If it’s only a sprain, that doesn’t say much about his toughness, taking himself out in the 4th quarter of a close game. I’d guess a few other players were playing through pain. If Rodgers want to live up to the leadership role that McCarthy anointed him over the summer, he needs to be showing it to his teammates.

  3. PackerBelle Says:

    He didn’t take himself out of the game. He got hurt, was being examined, the Packers got an interception, he went in and threw a touchdown and was in pain and the decision was made that he couldn’t go back in. Then to quote Rodgers “After surrendering the lead on Matt Bryant’s 24-yard field goal, the Packers got the ball back at their 40 with 2:26 left. Rodgers, who had been loosening up on the sideline, decided to come back to see whether he could lead a comeback.

    He wasn’t really sure how hard he could throw.

    “I was throwing on the sidelines and I couldn’t throw without pain, but I just said I need to suck it up and get out there,” Rodgers said. “Unfortunately I threw an interception and we lost the game.””

  4. Aaron Rogders Says:

    I was hoping Flynn would show his last minute comeback ability like he did his last preseason game. Too bad he was only allowed to throw one pass. That was definitely a MM play. Lets run on 3rd and long even though we can’t run… De De Dee

  5. ja Says:

    Yeah, I watched Rodgers throwing on the sidelines, and it sure didn’t look like a guy who wanted to suck it up and get back out there. I also missed the scene he made pleading with coaches to let him back in. Oh right, that never happened. Perhaps if he had shown the competitiveness to stay in the game in the first place, he would have put the game away when they had the chance rather than wait until they needed a dramatic comeback.

  6. dcpackerfan Says:

    Packerbelle: You are the nut case. You don’t want to hear from the Favre fans since you know that there is nothing you can say. How many games did Favre miss when he was a Packer? None. The Jets are so lucky to have him. Rodgers should be called Mr. Glass.

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