Grant to run wild against the Falcons


Just putting this up here now to be on record early saying Grant and the Pack will run wild this weekend despite the possibility that Atlanta could put 8-9 players in the box if Matt Flynn ends up running the show. Grant is hungry and was really ticked off after the game yesterday. While part of his frustration may have been with the 4-5 inch holes he had to run through, I think he was mostly mad at himself for not breaking any good runs, for fumbling and overall, for just not playing like he knows he can play. Michael Turner is good (though only at home in Atlanta), but Grant will steal the show this coming Sunday.


7 Responses to “Grant to run wild against the Falcons”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Wish I could share your enthusiasm. More and more, Grant looks like Gado 2.0 That huge cutback lane he missed on 3rd and one was a killer. His vision just seems to be lacking – he hit those nearly every time last year.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Not a chance until MM solves the cancerous O-Line play. Barry Sanders couldn’t run for 50 yards with that piece of crap outfit. Dallas and now Tampa Bay have demonstrated to the rest of the NFL what they should do when they play the Packers. Zone Blocking? Yeah right!

    Have you noticed MM still tries to run inside the tackles on 90% of his running calls? No room there! I just hope Rodgers names me a beneficary on his Life Insurance Policy before the Bear game.

  3. awhayes Says:

    Aaron – I too worry re what part of this futility belongs to Grant. And in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit part of my enthusiasm is due to Grant being on my fantasy team! But the other part is that the Falcons aren’t very good and my guess is the Pack will be pissed and fired up this Sunday. I can’t imagine they’ll come out flat. If they do, we’ll have a whole new set of problems. But I think it’s very difficult at this level to go more than 4-5 games with such limited running success. And, I think having Wells back active and practicing for a 2nd week might help the line feel a bit more settled. I could be wrong though as the line continues to look out of sync.

  4. Aaron Rogders Says:

    The few times that Jackson has run this year has looked far more explosive then Grant. So I don’t think it is entirely the O Line. I don’t understand why MM doesn’t give Jackson more carries. Is it bad to split carries with all three backs?

  5. awhayes Says:

    Agreed A Rodg – while I was skeptical of Jackson’s talent coming into the season, I have to admit, like Lumpkin, whenever he’s been in, he’s done well (his dropped pass/interception excepted). It just seems like MM doesn’t ahve a good flow going right now between the backs. He also doesn’t seem to have his run/pass play mix down yet.

  6. davek Says:

    I think McCarthy has a dilemma on his hands. Do you go with the back that is clearly running better right now or do you stay with Grant in hopes he gets back to his form from last year? Let’s hope that awful game from Grant gets him pissed off enough that he breaks out on Sunday with a monster game.

  7. scott in Wisconsin Says:

    Same song, different singer. Sign a big contract, play worse. First chorus will be sung by Chad Clifton. Second chorus will be led by Ryan Grant.

    “We’ll sign the contracts and suit up to play/ there’s more than money in my head today/ my cousin’s using my Lexus and it sure looks like rain/ hope he doesn’t leave the sunroof open again/ almost forget that I’m out on the field/ and I almost forgot that I’m out on the field.”

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