Frost “Might” Be Gone?


So reports the JS Online today.  I hope they’re just being careful — they can’t report that he will be gone unless they have someone saying he will be gone.  But he needs to be gone.

Derrick Frost was an average punter with the Washington Redskins, no better.  Redskins’ fans — or the ones I talk to anyway — were happy to see him waived.  And when he whined publicly about his ouster he lost many of the remaining fans he had.

What matters most, however, is his on-field performance and it has been bad.  Check out the numbers — both gross and net — in this story.

Unfortunately, there are slim pickings in the free agent punter field.  The JS reports that Jon Ryan has been struggling in Seattle and that the team has been giving tryouts to other punters, presumably because they’re thinking about getting rid of him.

I’d welcome him back.

I’ve come to the opinion over the years that Ted Thompson is a very, very good general manager.  Just look at how many NFL teams are now trying to model their draft strategies — and their salary cap strategies — after the Packers.

But this was a boneheaded move, plain and simple.

One Response to “Frost “Might” Be Gone?”

  1. Ace Says:

    Where are Ray Guy and Herman (Thunderfoot) Weaver when you need them? Septuagenerians can punt better than Frost. What about the lefty punter from Wis. of a couple of years ago?

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