Rodgers Out – Sign Tim Rattay


Let me take this opportunity to argue, once again, that the Packer should sign a veteran quarterback.  I’ll take anyone not named Daunte Culpepper, but the best option, it seems to me, is the one Aaron at has recommended ad nauseum: Tim Rattay.

Matt Flynn’s first series was a disaster.  Rodgers has made a couple throws on the sideline.  If he’s not playing — in a game that the Packers lead, improbably, 21-20, in the fourth quarter — it had better be because throwing with his shoulder or landing on it would cause permanent damage.


20 Responses to “Rodgers Out – Sign Tim Rattay”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    I was going to wait until the game was over to make any comment. I can’t. First, Williams was opportunistic. Cover he was ok. I’ll eat just a little crow Aaron. Still not totally sold.

    That said, T.T. you Jackass. Two rookie backups get you what? Putting an injured QB in the game who was no able to throw with any authority. All you needed was a 25 yard drive and run off some clock and you win. No confidence in Flynn and you now may have a season long problem.

    M.M yuou Jackass, your Zone blocking scheme needs to be redefined as Zone incompetence. Your team was totally unprepared for this game. If it weren’t for a gutsy effort by DB’s that were already injured it would have been a blow out. Game preparation — FFFFFFF——–

    Special teams – We cut Ryan for this Azzhole? FFFFFFFFFFFFFF————-

    D Line F
    O Line F-

    Get a damned experienced backup in now. It may not help but at least you might be able to get a 1st down or two. Rodgers did what he could. The first Int was Jackson’s fault, the second was his, and the third is on TT and MM for being convinced rookies can come in to a must do drive situation.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Oh, and kick the field goal at the endo of the 25 yard drive, of course.

  3. sfhayes Says:

    Ron, I was drinking too!

    Kidding. I’m with you, at least for part of your critique. It’s pretty ridiculous that we don’t have a veteran QB. I realize that means we might have to Brian Brohm on the practice squad (making him available to other teams) but we are in trouble if Rodgers is hurt.

    It’s like they were tempting fate by not signing a backup. Fate is winning.

  4. lostinutah Says:

    Well THAT went well.

    ‘Nuff said.

  5. daveK Says:

    I just watched the last Rodger’s interception about 45 times thanks to my DVR. The packers had two TE’s on the left side of the line. Lee on the outside and Finley just inside him next to Clifton. The bucs rush a LB which causes Clifton to pick him up. Finely releases and allows the DE to run completely unblocked into Rodgers blind side. If Finely doesn’t release and blocks the DE for one second it would have allowed Rodgers to hit a wide open Driver. Driver was past everyone running a post route. Touchdown. Game over. Definately not the only problem with this game but a mental error from a rookie took away a chance to win an ugly game.

    Ryan Grant probably had the worst game out of anyone. He missed running lanes. He ran into blockers. His fumble turned into a TD.

    The worst part of this game will be the injuries. Jenkins has been playing well and practically the only one getting pressure this year. Lets hope his shoulder isn’t too bad. Collins looked like he was hurt on the long run at the end of the game. Rouse got dinged up. Shoulder injuries to QB’s can take awhile to heal.

    KGB has been seriosly ineffective this year. He’s a rush specialist who has no ability to get pressure in long yardage situations. He has had years to learn another move yet he almost exclusively tries a speed rush around the end which almost always end up with hime bring run out of the play by the LT. Not only does he not get pressure but it leaves his lane open for a QB scramble.

    One last rant – why do you keep Rodgers out of the game if you are going to run three times? Why not put him in there to hand the ball off. Then maybe the defense won’t put 9 guys in the box.

  6. 56Coop Says:

    Appears to me we can’t run the ball & we can’t stop the run either. There is a lot wrong with this team fundamenatlly which really surprises me with MM as a coach.

    And I agree, we gotta get a vet backup for QB. If Rogers keeps getting pounded like he has in the last 2 games–he ain;t gonna make the whole season.

  7. Bill Walsh Says:

    Wait, I mean, it’s unfair to bash Thompson. I mean, it’s not like he had a durable veteran quarterback available to him. Well, I mean, except for the guy who threw for six TDs today.

    (I kid because I love, Packers fans.)

  8. lostinutah Says:

    But, Bill, you have a point!

  9. Ron La Canne Says:

    We’ve just started hearing the inevitable Favre comments. If Favre was on the field for GB today, I doubt he would have been any better.

    My biggest concern is the Packers have seriously flawed O Line and maybe a worse D Line. What can you do about it now? Nothing, I’m affraid. Pickett, Jolly, and Cole are awful. KGB is non-existent. Montgomery is terrible. No way to fill those holes now. Maybe dyanamite stuck into a rearward orifice. The entire O-Line is awfull. Everyone of them screwed up today. That includes Taucher and Clifton, especially Clifton.

    Every team in the league now underestands the aggressive attacking defense will throw the Packers into panic. Let’s hope these problems can be solved by coaching. There are no good players available to fill these holes.

    Frost should have his bags packed when he gets home. That was a horrible mistake. I am very affraid of Atlanta, a game I thought would be a respite in their brutal schedule.

  10. Ron La Canne Says:

    Can this get any worse? Jekins going in for an MRI tomorrow.

  11. lostinutah Says:

    And, Aaron got hurt, he came back in but who knows if he have any aftereffects. I’m sorry, I do see an issue there, especially with the protection he’s getting. I certainly hope he’s fine next week, and I still think he’s a good player. I’m not going to second guess Brett not being there, because it does no good. However, the issues I saw with him being gone STILL exist, now. So let’s fix them, somehow, i.e. a good backup veteran QB and doing something, somehow, to fix the line problems – and get the coach’s knees to quit knocking.

  12. ace Says:

    1-Frost gone! 2 terrible games.
    2-Pack has been lucky with injuries til now=esp. last year. Need Bigby, Harris although dbs not terrible even though pass rush not great. Have we ever beaten Griese? I don’t think so.
    3-Gruden outcoached MM. Great strategy to isolate Dunn et al on lbs in center of field. Like isolating Kobe B. or Dwayne W. on bball court. TB has great timing on blitzes-calls turned game around and caused 2 turnovers. Young GB team failed to pick up blitzes.
    4-Dallas and TB dominated field position battle–see #1 and penalty differential.
    5-Rodgers will be back next week. GB over Falcons.
    6-O line failures exhaust D line. Do not agree with Ron. D line ok til end of game but had limited pass rush. Time of possession and field possession dictate outcome often–last two weeks for example.

  13. PackerBelle Says:

    I really think the Packers need a bye week right about now. We need to get people healthy and get back to basics. I do think the offensive line is a huge part of the problem. Rodgers isn’t getting enough time to make his reads and the running backs aren’t getting holes. The defense isn’t looking great but being on the field as much as they have been along with the injuries it isn’t that surprising. I do think there needs to be some soul searching on the team to figure out why a team that went 14-4 last year, and was an OT away from the SB is struggling right now.

    I know there will be comments about Favre but I honestly think he wouldn’t have done any better. The O-line protection and the running game just isn’t there and he likely would have made as many, if not more, mistakes than Aaron Rodgers.

    Definitely a very disappointing game and the Pack needs to figure out what’s wrong and fix it – now.

  14. davek Says:

    I am not so quick to say that Favre wouldn’t have done better and I don’t think this line is much worse then last year. I think Favre was better at checking out of plays to either a run play or a quick slant. Rodgers seems to go with the play called much more and many times the pressue doesn’t allow him time for the WR to run their full routes. Favre also seemed to make a quicker decision to dump it to the RB and finding the TE up the seam that was vacated by a blitzing LB. I actually can’t remember one time this season that Rodgers has really utilized Lee or a TE.

    I think Rodgers has all the tools to be a great QB but he just doesn’t have the experience yet to be as effective as Favre at reading a defense and adjusting to what they throw at him. The Packers have had two straight weeks of pressure D’s and he hasn’t been as effective.

  15. Cindy V Says:

    This was a hard game to watch. The Pack came out at the begiining and did well on their first drive. I think Chad Clifton had a terrible game. The whole offensive line needs to man-up. Not even Brett could do better when the o-line is such a sieve that everyone can and does come through. On the bright side, the Brewers are going to the playoffs for the first time in 26 years!

  16. lostinutah Says:

    What davek said. Aaron’s new….he is not going to act like someone with years of experience. Period.

  17. Aaron Rogders Says:

    There is something seriously wrong with TT. You dont get rid of a player that is having a great training camp and preseason and then out of the blue release him and sign someone else. At least have him compete and then pick the best. There are a lot other positions they should of been looking at and not wasting time on the punter. I better not see Frost next Sunday. I am still at shock by the release of Ryan.

  18. scott in wisconsin Says:

    I am going to toss in the MM “marriage” rag. Gone are the 70 hour workweeks for him. When the baby comes, there goes the sleep.

  19. Cate Says:

    I agree with everything PackerBelle said, especially since she voiced pretty much everything I was thinking of posting.

    Brett Favre is one of the best quarterbacks to play the game– when he plays well, like yesterday. Then, he’s magic. But one thing Brett Favre has never been is consistent and, as Packer fans, we all know what it feels like after one of Favre’s bad games. I’m glad he’s gone. If we can tighten up the offensive line and give Rodgers a little more protection he will be something we haven’t had in years: a consistently good quarterback.

    Yesterday highlighted some problems we saw in Dallas to a glaring degree and they need to be fixed or it won’t matter who’s under center.

  20. Ron La Canne Says:

    Rodgers – dislocated shoulder? Probably out for Atlanta. God, I hope that’s wrong. I’m waiting for the inevitable Favre quote on this.

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