Favre Watch…Who Cares?


The Journal-Sentinel this morning includes a “Favre Watch” item updating readers on the condition of Brett Favre’s badly sprained ankle. When I saw it, I thought: Who Cares?

Don’t get me wrong. I’d like Favre’s ankle to heal quickly and I hope he can play this weekend. But I was surprised by just how little I am invested in Favre and his ups and downs and how different that is from the past sixteen years.

I tuned into the Monday night game this week and had the same thought: Who cares? I found myself hoping the Jets would win, but only because I’d like the Packers to get a better draft pick out of the Favre trade. I had no emotional pull for Favre — though some of that might have been due to the rather snide comment he made to ESPN when asked whether Aaron Rodgers’ success here has made fans forget about him. This is a paraphrase, but Favre said something like: Tell them to call me in sixteen years.

Anyway, I’m not hostile toward Favre, though I think he behaved badly. I’m not nostalgic about his time here, either. I just don’t care much about him one way or the other. Which is weird.

UPDATE: I believe what Favre said was “When they have 16 good seasons, then give me a call.” While this is a snooty sort of comment (he should be above this), in his defense, it’s true. Rodgers has played 3 games. Still, I really hate to admit it, but I kind of feel the same way as Steve. I loved Favre when he was here and still don’t like how he left. But when he was here, there was a fair amount of drama with him on a weekly basis due in part to incessant media coverage – now, the coverage is a bit more focused on the team it seems (though Rodgers is getting plenty of attention). While I was rooting for the Jets and cringing still when he doesn’t play well, I’ve found that refocusing my attention on the Packers has not been as difficult as I thought it would be a month ago.


8 Responses to “Favre Watch…Who Cares?”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Completely agree with the spirit of his post.

    One small quibble – I thought Favre said “Call me when they’ve won 16” in response to Werder asking how he felt watching the Packers win their first two games? May have misheard it.

  2. verno329 Says:

    I also agree with the spirit of this post. I thought it would make me sick to see him in a different uni. But I don’t care in the slightest.

    And I think Aaron heard it correctly. It was 16 games I think that he said. He also was told that Jennings said that Rodgers throws a faster ball than he does and his response was “Well, I am almost 40 years old. And I can tell you that when I was his age, I could throw it faster than he does.” Come on man, grow up. You play for the Jets now, not the Packers. Get over yourself.

  3. daveK Says:

    I find myself rooting against Favre which really doesn’t make me happy. Maybe I root against him because it assures me that the team I am passionate about didn’t make a colossal mistake. Maybe it tells me that our GM and head coach are not egotistical pricks. Or, maybe because it takes some pressure off Rodgers and reduces the number of comparisons between the two. I guess what it boils down to is my team before Favre. I would much rather feel good about the decision my team made then have Favre achieve some success in another uniform. I really wish he would have just stayed retired so I wouldn’t have to be so conflicted about him…

  4. Aaron Says:

    daveK – That’s an interesting post. I find myself having an outerbody experience when I’m watching Favre play for the Jets – when he throws a great TD, I smile and say to myself “The guy’s still got it” – and when he throws a god-awful interception I smile and say to myself “Same ol’ Brett” – it’s weird, but you can’t lose now, watching Brett, because his highs are still fun and his lows don’t matter to the Packers.

  5. bucky Says:

    I don’t root for Brett anymore. In fact, living here in New England and being surrounded by idiotic Patriots’ fans, I find it hard to root for anyone in the AFC East. Maybe the Bills.

    Favre really hasn’t shown a whole lot of class in his departure. A stand up guy would have called to congratulate Aaron Rodgers after his first start (and first win). I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen. Now he’s talking about how Rodgers has a long way to go to match what he has done. No doubt that is true, but Favre sure seems to be coming off like he’s rooting against Rodgers here. And that’s just petty, small and weak of him.

  6. ScottinDC Says:

    I think bucky makes some good points. I was as hard on Favre as anyone during the whole comeback fiasco, but I really feel sorry for him now. Actually, pity might be the more appropriate description. He’s dug himself into this hole, and I’m sure (despite what he says) that he now regrets his comeback. When I really think about it, the whole thing is really sad. On a more positive note, regarding Andy’s picks for the weekend, if it comes down to Jarrett Bush, I think the Packers should give Yovani Gallardo a shot!

  7. lostinutah Says:

    Sorry to be big about this, but I still support Brett. I now enjoy watching him play, for a different team, while loving the Packers as much as always. I wish he was playing for us…or at least a better team than the Jets yet not in our division. But he’s not, and I hope, even if the season isn’t the best for him (and he had to know it wouldn’t be going in) that he has some fun and the Jets win some games.

  8. e.p. Says:

    I watch because I’m curious, he’s been with the Packers essentially his whole career, and now he’s not, so I’d like to see how he ends his career. History does not bode well for him, so many comeback quarterbacks fizzle. I don’t necessarily root for or against the Jets, except that I’d like the Packers to get the best draft pick they can for the deal.
    I think Favre was an ass in his dealings with the Packers trying to get back in the mix, but whatever, it’s said and done. We have our quarterback and he is playing. I hope he gets what he wants, but I don’t see him making it far with the Jets.

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