Mark Bradley available – should Packers pick him up?


I read this morning on the Bears’ team site that they waived Mark Bradley. I am not sure if he is injured or something, but the move is curious considering Chicago now only has 4 healthy receivers.

When he was drafted in 2005, Mark Bradley looked like one of those players who had scary good potential. I know an injury kept him off the field one year and it may have slowed him down overall. I’ll admit, I just don’t know. But considering the Packers’ present lack of depth at WR (due to Jones, Martin injuries), he may not be a bad player to consider picking up. He has (or at least had) great hands.

I guess there are two ways to really look at this:

  1. How could we consider picking up a reject from the lowly Bears – ever!?!
  2. The Bears’ management also believe that Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman make for a good QB group – so their ability to judge talent is questionable at best.

One Response to “Mark Bradley available – should Packers pick him up?”

  1. Aaron Says:

    The kid can’t stay healthy. It’s a shame, because he’s got the skills to be a good receiver.

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