Mike McCarthy – the non-Holmgren-halftime-guy?


I like Mike McCarthy as a coach and I think he’s good at what he does. That out of the way, I must say I have some concerns about what he’s been saying lately at halftime – he’s no Mike Holmgren in this regard. Here are some guesses:

Week 1: “Ok D, let’s let the uneven Tarvaris Jackson run around and make a bunch of plays and make this a closer game than it should be. We also need to tone it down on offense.”

Week 2: “We have this one in the bag. Just coast. We’ll run some Mike Sherman specials guarding against fumbling so we can go 3 and out and rely on our punter. Speaking of punting, new guy, Frost, don’t worry about catching the ball punting from our end zone – it’s cool man, only 2 points.”

Week 3: “Ok, we played them close. They are much better than we are so I’m just glad we hung in there for a half. In the 2nd half, Rodgers I need you to be more panicky back there, O-Line don’t open many holes for Grant and give Aaron just a second or two to make a play, and D-Line continue to be exhausted.”


2 Responses to “Mike McCarthy – the non-Holmgren-halftime-guy?”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    I think you are being too hard on McCarthy. After half-time of the Viking game the Packers managed to control Adrian Peterson, which is no small feat. And with Dallas, any adjustments they made would likely have been addressing the running game issues. But then given the injuries to the defense the Cowboys starting passing more and we couldn’t adjust because our guys were hurt. I think he could be better, but I also think that he’s better than you portray him to be.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Belle – I was more just joking here because I really do think McCarthy is an awfully good coach. That said, I have noticed that the team’s play has slipped in the second halves of each of the first 3 games. I know we had some injuries last night, but that doesn’t explain all of the poor play and poor decisions. Defensively we were challenged and just plain worn out and understaffed, but offensively, McCarthy was not his usually creative self. McCarthy can’t control how Peprah tackles, but he can control play-calling and he didn’t use the kinds of plays I know he has that can effectively counter an aggressive-in-the-back-field rush or dropping to cover slant routes (like screens, misdirection plays, field-stretching passes or seam routes – all things that make the 4 in a 3-4 think twice what they’re going to do).

    I recognize he needs time to grow as a coach and I’m confident he’ll do this, but he was not at his best last night – he was out-coached.

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