Cowboy fans not belligerent or anything, just obnoxious


I was at the game last night. Very disappointing. I didn’t write this post because I’m a bad loser and I’m bitter etc. We were thoroughly outplayed, we weren’t as physical, we were out-coached big-time and we lost the game at the line of scrimmage. I write this post because the Dallas fans in attendance were obnoxious. They weren’t belligerent Eagles’ fan obnoxious – there was just a lot of annoying self-promotion and taunting going on – especially toward the end of the game. Most of their fans spent a majority of the game standing up (blocking the view of those behind them) so that they could point to Cowboy jerseys they were wearing. Several near us were making the U of Texas horns symbol with their fingers even though the U of Texas wasn’t playing (and I don’t think the Cowboys have hardly any U of T players playing for them). In fact one guy was making that symbol throughout the game and screaming “hook ’em horns” – and I don’t think he was drunk. What? He also had a blue tooth cell phone headset thing on the whole game and a giant class ring on his finger. He also appeared ruffled when the guy next to him accidentally messed up his carefully coiffed hair during one TD celebration.

I did think for a fleeting moment that maybe they were just having a good time and I wasn’t so I drifted negative/critical. But I did have a good time despite the loss and I recognize we lost to a better team. Maybe it’s just that the way they were having a good time was a lame way of having a good time.


4 Responses to “Cowboy fans not belligerent or anything, just obnoxious”

  1. Gordon Winslow Says:

    I was at last year’s match-up in Dallas, and found many of the Dallas fans to be complete jerks, taunting my small crew in green and gold as we left the stadium. On the other hand, one guy with a tailgating tent invited us to join him in a few adult beverages when we realized it was going to take a jillion years for us to get a cab, so the experience wasn’t entirely negative.

    I don’t really fault anyone for standing during an exciting football game, though.

  2. BratsNBeerGuy Says:

    Speaking as a Midwestern expatriate living in the nation of Texas, I can tell you with authority there is nothing more annoying than a UT grad who is also a Dallas Cowboys fan.

  3. FireFighter 007 Says:

    I also was at the game on Sunday and I found a lot of packer fans rude. I cant tell you how many times I got popped in the head by those annoying free packer flags that they handed out before the game. I also seen a cowboy fan get head butted in the rest room. His crime being a fan of somebody other then the packers .. Please, how dumb can you get. Luckily that packer fan got escorted out by the police and hopefully arrested. There was taunting coming from both teams fans. I know this much when the packers did do something right (which wasnt often) their fans were all standing as well. Its not our fault the Cowboys played a better game and gave us more to cheer about. I’ll tell you how bad some packer fans are at losing, our seats were above the tunnel and before cowardly running away some beer drinking packer fans threw their cups of beer at us Cowboy fans still watching the game (which still had 10 minutes left to play). I was also at the game in 2004 when the Cowboys lost to the Packers and let me tell you the packer fans are just as ugly as when they lose. Yes Im a Dallas Cowboys fan but unfortunately I was born and raised in Wisconsin. So I dont want to hear about how the packers or their fans are treated badly, hell the packer fans are the main reason I hate them so much. So now I cheer for any team playing them, Especially the Dallas Cowboys.
    As for this curse in Wis? 0-5 the Cowboys are 3-2 in games played in Milwaukee and more importantly the Cowboys are 15-4 against the packers in the last 19 games played, Actions speak louder then words.

  4. sfhayes Says:

    Our firefighter friend writes: “unfortunately I was born and raised in Wisconsin.”

    I was skeptical of his entire account — Packer fans can be obnoxious of course, but I’ve been to dozens of games and never seen the kind of behavior he describes — but that comment makes me think he might not be who he says he is….

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