Al Harris may be out for year????


Read here from the newer blog (and a good one) called the nationalfootballpost (edited in part by former Packer VP Andrew Brandt). Harris may have ruptured his spleen which could be a season-ending injury. Not sure why Brandt and co are speculating re this, but fact is, they have really good sources inside the Pack’s organization.

7 Responses to “Al Harris may be out for year????”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    There are many words that are not appropriate for polite company running through my head right now. I hope that the injury isn’t that serious but if it is I wish Al a speedy recovery. And then I’ll start banging my head against a wall somewhere.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Hear ya Belle. Right after it happened, he pulled himself out – looked to be uncomfortable.

  3. lostinutah Says:

    Oh dear…that would suck majorly. I surely hope for him (and us) that it is not that serious.

  4. Aaron Says:

    Tramon Williams, Will Blackmon and Pat Lee will step up.
    Jarrett Bush will be Jarrett Bush.

  5. daveK Says:


  6. Ace Says:

    To SFH. Similar collision injured K. Rowe in state regional soccer finals. Blood in urine an indicator of spleen injury. Out for year! KR and AH gone. Look for teams to ignore Woodson and bombard T. Williams who was not bad last night save the 3rd and 20 for a td. Coverage was good on that play until they bumped each other, then goodbye.

  7. Scott in Wisconsin Says:

    Do you even need your spleen? Can’t they just slice it out of him, staple him up, let him recoup a few weeks and get back in the game?

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