Jennings getting national love


Read here from – article positing that Jennings is the best of the young receivers. Strong point and frankly, I have grown to believe this as well. Brother Steve was fairly obnoxious about touting Jennings’ ability from the start. I have to say, he was dead right. But being right doesn’t diminish his obnoxiety, as it were.

The unique thing about Jennings is that he expects to do something special every time he touches the ball – and importantly, he often delivers on his own high expectations. It is so odd for such a young player to have this mindset – and to deliver. Adrian Peterson, Devin Hester, and to a lesser extent, Reggie Bush and Jones-Drew (maybe Chris Johnson) are similar younger guys who just expect to do something awesome every time they are on the field. Jennings belongs in this company – he’s that good now I’m convinced.

Part of what I really like about Jennings is that he doesn’t make it about himself like many receivers do. And, while he can make spectacular catches and he is definitely sure-handed, his strength lies being able to shift immediately from focusing on catching the ball to focusing on doing YAC damage. I haven’t been as confident in a Packer WR getting YAC since the days of Sterling Sharpe dragging 3-4 defenders down the field with him for 20 yards. It makes watching him positively exciting.

STEVE ADDS: This is really a must-read article if you want to understand one of the best Packers in a long time.  Jennings believes the Packers have to be counted among the top receiving corps’ in the league, because they are strong five-deep and interchangeable.  “We have to be one of the top groups in the league because not many teams have the depth we have,” Jennings said. “Our so-called No. 5 receiver could be a No. 1 receiver on other teams. There is no letdown among us. We expect big plays from each other. Any one of us can play any position and run any route at any given time.”


2 Responses to “Jennings getting national love”

  1. daveK Says:

    What a WR group the Packers have this year! Thompson sure seems to know how to evaluate WR’s. Not only was he one of the few GM’s who thought Randy Moss still had value but he has drafted very well in regard to WR’s also. He traded the 36th pick in 2006 to the Patriots for the 52th + 75th picks. The Patriots picked WR Chad Jackson with that pick who they cut this year. The Packers used pick #52 for Jennings and #75 for Jason Spitz. That has shaped up to be quite a draft with 5-6 starters coming out of that draft. (Hawk, Jennings, Spitz, Jolly, Moll/Colledge, and Blackmon contributing on STs.) Then finding Jones in the 3rd round the next year. I am guessing Jordy pans out also.

  2. OMAR Says:

    I don’t think there is a better group of receivers in the NFL.
    Rogers may have some difficulty finding them vs. the Cowboy’s pass rush, but if they simply run those quick slants like they did last year…. all should be fine.

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