2008 Week 3 Picks

  • AZ @ Wash (-3.5) – Tough game. AZ is for real and it’s possible Jim Zorn may have a split personality. He looked questionable at best in the NYG’s game and word is he was very solid in helping Wash come back against NO last week. I’ll take Wash because they’re at home and I still think they’re good.
  • Car @ MN (-3.5) – Where to start? How about with MN being favored by 3.5? Seems odd unless the odds makers think an injured AP will run all over Carolina or that having Frerotte back there will make a positive difference somehow. Funny, Jake Delhomme is one of those guys who is an unlikely looking winner. He has a career W-L record of 40-26. Just interesting considering he kind of looks like that nice kid you grew up with who was so good at many sports, but who was not able to fully enjoy his many victories because he spent so much time feeling guilty about winning.
  • Cincy @ NYG (-13.5) – the question here may be: will Marvin Lewis be fired DURING the game? Actually, interesting stat I posted a couple posts ago – Carson Palmer is the lowest rated QB in the NFL with a 37.4 rating. Ouch. One thing I forgot when I picked the Giants to suck this year is that they are very very well coached (and I don’t just mean Coughlin – in fact, mainly the O and D coordinators).
  • Hou @ Tenn (-4.5) – Semi-crack pick – Houston to surprise here and win. Collins gets booed, drinks some ice cold beers, forgets about it immediately – Vince watches this and learns how to cope better.
  • KC @ Atl (-4.5) – Atlanta to romp. Tyler Thigpen will be excited, and Gonzalez will score a couple TDs while Larry Johnson complains some more. Herm Edwards will still be trying to motivate his team on the flight home, and just might get his ass kicked this time. Atlanta will roll KC.
  • MIA @ NE (-12.5) – I picked MIA here initially because I was trying to over-analyze this game and pick an underdog. I could play QB for the Pats and win this game. (Parcells may quit after this woodshedding – I can’t wait for a patented angry Parcells’ press conferences).
  • Oak @ Buff (-8.5) – My “sources” shared with me that Toronto (and the NFL’s) hostile Bills takeover bid may be an afterthought after all because rookie WR James Hardy is apparently willing to build the team a new stadium using cash from his booming home-siding business.
  • TB @ Chi (-2.5) – Final score here – 3 to 2. Not a game I’d want to watch.
  • Det @ SF (-3.5) – SF in a blowout. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to say that. Problem with a team like Detroit is that one bad thing happens in this game – one – and the game and season are both over. Detroit will have many a disgruntled player after this one – SF, on the other hand, will be gruntled, as I’ve heard said.
  • NO @ Den (-5.5) – Denver will lose on the final drive of the game after a 4 quarter shootout because the official will only allow Denver to play with one defender. Karma.
  • St L @ Sea (-9.5) – St. Louis is looking really bad, but the spread seems generous for a comparably hideous team in Seattle. I understand they just signed Janet Reno as a WR because they wanted a big target and heard she caught something once.
  • Cleve @ Balt (-1.5) – this could be the end for the Cleve if they don’t right this thing Sunday. Romeo “I’m getting fatter by the second” Crennel sometimes just doesn’t look confident. He borrows Mike Sherman’s deer-in-the-headlights look. I do believe that Cleve’s talent will just take over in this one though and help them eke out a victory.
  • Jax @ Indy (-5.5) – Jax will be desperate here. Indy, meanwhile will get Dallas Clark and Jeff Saturday back. However the defensive menace Bob Sanders is now out and I think this fact alone could keep this a game. It will particularly hurt the Indy run defense – 47 yards a game for Taylor and Jones-Drew, not after this week. Look for Jax’s offense to explode here. In fact, this could end up being a shoot-out. Jax played Tenn and then Buff in weeks 1 and 2, both strong defenses, so they’ll be relieved to see Indy’s Sandersless D.
  • Pitt @ Phil (-2.5) – Phil will edge Pitt here. If not, I will convert to a full (instead of a strong) believer in Pitt and head coach Mike Tomlin. The Eagles seem extra fresh and aggressive and ready and strong or something this year. I hope they all get tired out soon though and start to lose big-time.
  • Dal @ GB (+2.5) – The Packers will finally get a strong test here. Romo is as good as the attention he gets and their defense has some scary players. The key here will be Rodgers dissecting their secondary. Their CBs are decent and Hamlin’s not bad, but even with Pacman, they won’t be deep enough to adequately defend Packer multiple wide-out sets. Also, I’ll throw guess out there that Kregg Lumpkin’s name will be better known after this one. Another key, and I write this every time we play the Cowboys, is paying lots and lots of attention to TEs Jason Witten and even now, Martellus Bennett.
  • NYJ @ SD (-8.5) – Should be a tough game for Favre and co against a pumped up SD team. IN the Jets’ last game, perhaps it was the NE Defense, but Favre just didn’t seem to know the plays or something. SD will come out bleeding anger from last week and be ready to destroy anything that moves. However, while they will be plenty motivated, the Chargers are teetering on the top of that we’ll-show-everyone-not-to-wrong-us/one-mistake-and-the-world-is-against-us mountain.

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