Bigby out for Cowboys’ game?


WISN 12 News and Dan Needles reporting that McCarthy said Bigby likely won’t play Sunday night due to hamstring injury. Aaron Rouse was solid in the few starts he had last year (though he kind of looked lost at times against Detroit last week).

UPDATE: Tom Silverstein confirms this report this morning saying Bigby will not play.  Rouse was bothered by an ankle injury last week, if I’m not mistaken, but he seemed to be running well on Sunday.


3 Responses to “Bigby out for Cowboys’ game?”

  1. Trav Says:

    The Collins/Bigby tandem were important for this game, especially if Al Harris gets into the same mind-set he did for last year’s Cowboys and Giants game. He was such a head case after TO’s first catch (that should have been a turnover) that he was ineffective much of the rest of the game. Same with the Giants game and Plaxico, where he was more willing to get in his face and yap than actually providing some decent man coverage. Regardless of whether it is Rouse or Bigby, Harris can’t make it a “me against TO” game. He just hangs everyone out to dry when he gets like that.

    I hope Rouse is ready and prepared. If he appears lost, the Cowboys will attack that more than the Lions coulld the times he was out on the field.

  2. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    yes. this sucks (i think – maybe rouse won’t play like he’s stoned). i’ve missed butler and robinson for so long. sharper was great at times, made some big mistakes too. and the revolving door that was his cohort back there – so many headaches. a good tandem of young safeties who don’t $@&* up their assignments more than once a game would make our fermenting starting corners ( i mean that lovingly) last a couple more years and still be highly effective.

    and i agree with aaron at cheeseheadtv – not sure if andy or steve has ever asserted this – that woodson should cover big #1’s like owens. he’s like that weird guy with a lazy eye that does nothing quite ‘normally,’ but for some reason, you trust him to watch your dog for the weekend. and then you come home and he’s taught fido to make you eggs and toast in the morning.

  3. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    by that i mean that woodson overachieves when you almost expect a disaster (2 int w/injury).

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