2008 Week 1 results – 8-8


Not a great pick week, might call it a weak week.


  • Jets @ Dolphins (+2.5) – How will Favre do in his first NFL game in another uniform? 224 yards, 2TDs, 1int.
  • Rams @ Phil (-7.5) – Phil will roll to give people the false impression that they’ll be good this year. Then, 100-200 Philly fans will fight with each other after the game because they won and because they always fight.
  • Sea @ Buff (-.5) – Buff will handle Seattle and set Seattle down the path toward badness. Holmgren’s swan song will not be very swan-like…not sure where “swan song” comes from – odd expression.


  • Den @ Oak (+2.5) – Oak will be a surprise team this year. Denver will try to run over Oak and not have much success. Oak will run the ball well and when he’s not being harassed by Elvis Dumervil, JaMarcus Russell will show the NFL from day one that he can play effectively at this level.
  • Jax @ Tenn (+2.5) – Jax will set tone for the division.
  • KC @ NE (-16.5) – KC is really bad and if NE wins this game easily, I will be as surprised as FDR when he learned that wife Eleanor was a switch hitter.

One Response to “2008 Week 1 results – 8-8”

  1. Joe Says:

    Swan song refers to an old legend about the Mute Swan. Despite not actually being mute, the legend goes that the Mute Swan remains Mute until right before it dies when it trumpets one and only one beautiful song. It is usually used to convey the idea of an artist given everything thing he has in his final piece.

    In reality, the Mute Swan is not mute. It just lacks the ability to trumpet, but does grunt and hiss.

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