Packergeeks readers – what are your predictions?


Attention Packergeeks readers:

After I posted my predictions for this year on Packergeeks and noticed that some of my predictions have already been ripped on, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to give you the option to submit your picks to us. We could store them here on the site and revisit them at the end of the season. The person with the most accurate picks could win a hat or a T-shirt, if we have T-shirts or hats. That way, those of you who are safely ripping on our picks from afar without consequence, can be held accountable for your horrendous picks or be celebrated because of your prognosticating skills. So, simply comment on this post and let us know how you think the NFL’s 8 divisions will shake out – and add your thoughts on the playoffs as well.


4 Responses to “Packergeeks readers – what are your predictions?”

  1. Bobby O'Shea Says:

    FYI.. I can never go against the Pack, but here are my picks anyway (albeit a little late, but I did have the Giants beating the Skins)

    Giants over Redskins

    Seattle over Buffalo
    Pittsburgh over Houston

    Tampa Bay over New Orleans

    Detroit over Atlanta

    Philadelphia over St. Louis

    Jacksonville over Tennessee

    Jets over Dolphins

    Cincinnati over Baltimore

    Kansas City over New England

    Arizona over San Francisco

    San Diego over Carolina

    Cleveland over Dallas

    Indianapolis over Chicago

    Green Bay over Minnesota

    Oakland over Denver

  2. daveK Says:

    Ahh…don’t have time to run down all the divisions. I’ll predict the North though:

    Packers: 9-7
    Vikings: 9-7
    Lions: 7-9
    Bears: 5-11

  3. bucky Says:

    Ok, I’ll step up. I’m not gonna break it all down by wins for everyone, but I’ll do the divisions.

    NFC East:
    Eagles (tie)
    Cowboys (tie)

    NFC Central:
    Packers (about 10-11 wins)
    Vikings (this year’s Cardinals; everyone’s picking them to win the division; they’ll be lucky if their 8 wins keeps them ahead of the Bears)
    Bears (may tie the Vikes for 2nd if Mike Brown stays healthy an entire year. Yeah, it’s a stretch)
    Lions (eheeh)

    NFC West:

    NFC South:

    AFC East:
    Jets (7 or 8 wins. All those clowns talking about Favre leading them to the postseason are freaking nuts)

    AFC North:

    AFC West:
    Who gives a rat’s ass? The rest of this division is pure garbage.

    AFC South (the best division in football):

    NFC: Packers, Eagles, Cowboys, Seahawks, Saints, Bucs
    NFC Champion: Eagles (I cheated. I was gonna pick the Seahawks, but watching the first half of their game against the Bills made me change my mind. Jeez do they look bad.)

    AFC: Patriots, Colts, Jags, Chargers, Stillers, Browns
    AFC Champion: Stillers

    Super Bowl Champion: Eagles

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    Too many I don’t knows to predict anything this year. I sincerely hope M.M. was holding back a crushing blocking scheme that will generate 200 yds. a game in rushing. In addition, a well designed rush defense that stops all runs and at the same time pressures the QB into throwing multitudes of interceptions. We haven’t seen any of this yet, but I’m sure it was held back for the regular season.

    Seriously, I’m going 10 – 6 for GB and the Conference Championship. Minnesota goes into almost every year with great expectations and fails to deliver. One thing you know about the Vikes is they have a great runner and a good run defense. Everything else is a guess. Chicago’s #1 defense played horribly in the pre-season. If that doesn’t change they are in big trouble. Lions? Don’t see this as a breakout year for them.

    NFC – North
    #1 GB
    #2 Minn
    #3 Chi
    #4 Det

    Other teams – Thought highly of Jacksonville. Del Rio, unfortunately for them, has an efinetety for the Thug Culture. He has enough malcontents of that team to guarantee failure.

    Tampa Bay could be very good this year. Defense solid and an old QB to lead them. Will the Caddilac recover his moves? Big question.

    Philly – Overrated, Aging in many key positions. Hype is based on guys who got injured in the past regaining old skill levels. Not going to happen.

    Indy – Manning! Is his injury still there or are they covering?

    NE – After game #1 Brady out with a knee. Is it serious?

    Jets – Easy schedule with Favre. Not sure that’s enogh to change the results significantly.

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