Is Metrodome football even football?


As my wife and I drove by the Metrodome the other day (in MN on vacation this week), I told her that I’ve never been to the metrodome. I went to college in Minnesota, have in-laws in Minnesota and have had many chances to go to Packers/Brewers games, but have never gone. I have never wanted to set foot in that place. So this made me wonder to my wife: am I a better Packer fan for turning down the opportunity to watch a “football” game in the Metrodome because it’s a horrible place and because I wanted to preserve my ability to say I’ve never been there or am I a bad Packer fan for because I stand guilty of turning down Packer tickets?


10 Responses to “Is Metrodome football even football?”

  1. lostinutah Says:

    Bad Packer Fan. I paid to see them there the year of the 2nd (unsuccessful) Super Bowl run. I don’t like the Vikings any more than the next person, but I have to say it was a fun game, lots of Packer fans there and no one was horrible. Granted, that’s a while ago now, and I’m not sure the atmosphere would be the same, but I had a blast.

    Then again, I had flown in from Idaho for work and scored a ticket through a broker, so I was just excited to see them play, where ever it was.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Tried it once and if I ever hear that damn Viking horn again I’ll insist we declare war against all of Scandinavia. I’m so happy the Saxons finally beat the crap out of them.

  3. Joe Says:

    easy Ron, easy. No reason to get upset with real Vikings.

    I have to vote bad football fan – not just Packer fan. You should always say yes to a chance to see an NFL game in another stadium

  4. Rich Says:

    I grew up close to the Minnesota border in Wisconsin and only Twins games were on TV. I am a lifelong Packer Fan and Twins Fan so I have had to live with the Metrodome and hate it for both baseball and football but I am still a fan of both of my teams and will watch them wherever they are.

    This reminds me of my father when I was going up. He refused to watch MASH on TV because Alan Alda was a liberal. I could never figure it out. The show is funny and why can you not separate yourself from the actor versus character.

    My question to you would be is it only the Metrodome or all domes? Would you go see the Packers play in the Super Bowl if it was in a dome?

  5. Aaron Says:

    You turned down Packer tickets? Oh the shame. Next you’ll be telling me you once ordered a Heineken even though the bar you were in was serving Pabst.

  6. Juli Says:

    I have had the chance to go to 3 Packer/Vikes games in the dome -it was in the early 90’s. Had the chance to watch TJ Rubley (sp?) call and adubile at the line and get creamed – it was horrible to watch. I had a Vikes fan threaten to tear off my Packer jacket and burn it until my husband 6’4″ stood up – shut the Queens fan up quickly. The Queens fans were nasty and horrible. I don’t have any desire to ever pay to get into the Toilet Bowl (Metrodome) ever again! Have been to 3 games at Lambeau and what an experience that was! You can even begin to compare the 2 stadiums!

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  8. Vikesfanforever Says:

    The last time I checked, the field in the Metrodome is still 100 yards in total length, which, I believe is the offical size of all NFL playing surfaces in this league. When you are sitting in your seats, it’s no different than watching a game at any other stadium. If it wasn’t for the small size of the concourses, no one would complain. It beats the heck out of sitting in below zero weather to watch a game in late December. All of that ice bowl crap is just that – CRAP!!! Nobody would choose to sit out in the cold when you could watch in 72 degree comfort!! Anyone who refutes that is a liar!!!! There isn’t anything special about Lambeau. I’ll take the Metrodome in the city vs. Lambeau in sh-tville any day!!!

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  10. AlexSorent Says:

    Well, these are interesting thoughts. I think they are true. However, everything is
    relative and ambiguous to my mind.

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