Huh? Jon Ryan Gone


Greg Bedard has the details here.

The only thing I can surmise is that Mike McCarthy, et. al were increasingly concerned about Jon Ryan’s lack of hang time and his ability to pin teams inside the twenty.  Because in every other conceivable way, Ryan is a better punter than Derrick Frost.

It’s also disappointing because Ryan seems to be a quality guy.  The stories about his relationship with his father were compelling in these days when athletes make news by beating up women or doing crack (no offense, Andy).  Frost, on the other hand, whined his way out of Washington.

“I feel like I was dealt with dishonestly,” Frost said. “I want to thank Danny Smith for the three years he gave me here, and I feel like he always treated me well, and I will continue to think that. But I think we all know who made the decision, and when you’ve got a draft that isn’t starting to look so good, you’re going to do whatever you can to make it look as good as possible.”

20 Responses to “Huh? Jon Ryan Gone”

  1. Bill Walsh Says:

    Eek. As a Skins’ fan, I gotta say that Frost isn’t a step up for the Pack. He’s better than adequate, but nothing special. And, as you say, he hasn’t covered himself in glory with his whining about being let go. (That said, he probably has a point in saying that there was no real competition once Cerrato drafted their new punter. Whether it’s Cerrato’s CYA for spending the pick, or moving in a rookie for less money, it seemed pretty inevitable.)

  2. DaveK Says:

    That is a surprise. I thought Ryan was a decent punter and holder. But, it isn’t terribly difficult to evaluate punters on another team and Ted must of saw something in Frost he liked better.

    On another note, Flynn was named the #2 QB today. I guess that tells us they are not going to add a veteren QB unless they plan on releasing Brohm or carry 4 QB’s on the roster. I just can’t imagine you would name Flynn the #2 and then keep Brohm on the roster over Flynn if/when you sign a vet.

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  4. DaveK Says:

    Per PFT: “Frost has done a better job of pinning opponents’ inside the 20 than Ryan. Over the last two years, Frost has done it 50 times in 156 punts. Ryan did it only 35 times in 135 punts.”

  5. Aaron Says:

    Thank. God. I’ve been saying they need to get rid of Ryan since last year. The guy pulls out the most horrible shanks at the worst possible times…

  6. scott in wisconsin Says:

    I’ve never seen a shank like I did at the Bengals opener this year. Right into the crowd. THe weather was perfect. Not much humidity. Clear blue sky. I literally did a double take to make sure that some rookie punter wasn’t behind that boot. Good call.

  7. Cindy V Says:

    I was surprised to see the Packers cut Jon Ryan. Especially after last week against the Titans when he had the best run of the game. He was fast and got the first down plus. I was disappointed to see they cut Abdul Hodge to make room for Goode, the new long snapper. I’m hoping they can get him on the practice squad until our regular long snapper is healthy and Goode can go. Where’s Rob Davis when you need him?

  8. Aaron Rogders Says:

    WTF! We have the best fake punt and probably fastest punter in the NFL and we get rid of him! He also has some of the longest punts I have ever seen. You really saw his talent last year at the Bears. He was like a ninja jumping over punt blockers getting the punt away somehow. He made everyone miss from blocking his punts when there was NO ONE blocking. A bad punt is better then one blocked for a touchdown. Hodge also looked very good in preseason…

  9. Ron La Canne Says:

    When a punter is evaluated forget the Net. Gross indicates the impact of returns and his average was sub-par there. Biggest concern here is who holds for Crosby?

    I’m hoping to see more moves before Monday. O-Line and D-Line need attention. I still think an experienced QB is needed, but 3D has it right. T.T. and M.M.1 have moved Flynn to number two on the depth chart which virtually prohibits any move with Brohm. Maybe they can fake an injury and put him on IR for the year? Just kidding Roger!

  10. sfhayes Says:

    Hey Ron, you’ve got that backwards. It’s net that matters more because it takes into account returns. And while his average there did not put him among the league leaders, it was still better than Frost’s.

  11. Aaron Says:

    Ron –

    O line is fine, but agree on D-line. The problem is that it is the first Week of September. Any moves that could be made have been made. To quote Gene Hackman in Hoosiers: “This is your team.”

  12. Ron La Canne Says:


    Ooopps, My only excuse is I’m old. Still most worried about the long snapper being someone else’s reject and a new holder for the Viking Game. That could easily be resolved by a FG. If Frost can get the hang time to minimize returns, he’ll be worth it. Let’s face it, if it weren’t for Crosby’s touchbacks the coverage team in pre-season was definetely below average.


    I agree on the O-Line only if Wells is really ok. It has been described as not having pain but a lack of strength. Not good for a center who needs to open holes and protect his QB. I won’t believe the O-Line is opk until he plays a full game. I see Muir was picked up by the Colts.

  13. Mac G Says:

    Living in DC subjects me to non stop Skins coverage and they were talking about the punter battle the other day on sports radio. Frost shanked several in big spots last year and the Skins then drafted a punter. Frost had actually punted better in camp but the Skins went with the draft pick instead.

    How did Abdul Hodge not make this team? Everything I read on the Packers blogs in preseason commented about how Hodge was impressive. He seemed to be finally healthy again and playing at a high level but he gets cut.

  14. Aaron Rogders Says:

    Mac G, if TT needed to get rid of a linebacker, it should of been White. Hodge has been very good in the preseason. I haven’t seen much from White though… No one will every understand Ted. Especially the way he uses his draft picks.

  15. Aaron Says:

    What people are missing on the Hodge thing is a) He only knew the Mike and b) he didn’t play teams. White knows more than one spot and is a special teams beast. Why on Earth would you keep 3 middle linebackers?

  16. DaveK Says:

    If you cut White then Hodge has to be the primary backup at WLB. Can he play WLB as well as White? I guess not…

  17. Brett has become a ding dong. Says:

    I have to agree with Aaron Rodgers that Jon Ryan had a sick fake punt. Like last week when he broke off a 34 yard run. Jump to number 2 of this one from last year. Crazy Stuff.

  18. GIDDY Says:

    This is going to be good. Although, It would be great if Frost succeeds.
    It would be priceless if he stinks up the joint in the next few hours and the entire media comes down on White haired guy. T-minus 7 hours. Houston we have a problem. I hope he has a whole bunch of confidence, he will need it.

  19. GIDDY Says:

    Sorry, my friend said Frost rocks, ignore the post.

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