“What the hell am I going to do with a locker anyway”


Read here for this and other Favre-ian quotes. Very funny. The gist of this article is that Favre reveals just a little bit more re some of the back and forth that led to his departure. Still not enough info in my mind to exonerate him. But interesting perspective. I’ll still wait for more convincing info from Favre that more clearly explains why things got as ugly as they did.

6 Responses to ““What the hell am I going to do with a locker anyway””

  1. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    Here’s something to keep in mind, here: someone is flat out lying. In some cases you could chalk some of the he said she said to simple misunderstanding between to the two sides. Whether the Packers “forced” Favre to make his decision is not one of those cases. One side is flat out lying.

    McCarthy has said at one point that he told Favre not to make his decision before he was ready, and specifically asked him “if he was sure.” What Favre says today is he told the team he wasn’t “100% certain” at the time.

    Someone is lying,

    We may never know who is lying, but I have my suspicions. Which side has has been caught in its own lies?

    All that said, I agree that the locker thing was a weird thing to do. I would have thought the Packer HOF would have been interested in something like that.

  2. Bill Walsh Says:

    Very, very weird stuff. In his own telling, he’s still coming off like a prima donna—like he couldn’t articulate his conflict to McCarthy the first time around, or say, “Look, let me skip the workouts if I don’t feel physically able to do them, and I’ll be there in training camp.” But still, if his account of McCarthy and Thompson are true, they look pretty ridiculous. Which I wouldn’t rule out. I mean, I think both sides have come off terribly, in so far as the truth can be discerned.

  3. Dave Says:

    What kind of person makes fun of someone for trying to do something nice for them? Even if that thing is a little odd, their intentions were good. So Favre has to go and make fun of them in the media?

    I’ve always been a Favre fan, but I guess I’m rethinking that now. To me he now seems just kind of a dick.

  4. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Dave, I can see where you are coming from. It sounds like TT made that comment about his locker as a joke- TT has a VERRRY dry humor that maybe Brett doesn’t get. (Anyone remember Brett’s joke as quoted in SI to Mooch’s son? “Horse walks into a bar. Bartender says ‘why the long face?'”) But I’m curious as to why Favre is still rehashing the past. Is he trying to soften up the NY sports press corps for the inevitable interception/blown game move? It sounds like he’s trying to spin that he’s the good guy, sorta like when someone is guilty and tells everyone who will listen about their innocence. Favre really needs to quit talking about what happened, or he’s going to derail a pretty sweet gravy train that will come his way in a few years from the Packers or at the very least, turn off legions of Green Bay Packer fans. I don’t know about other parts of the country, but if you know anything about WIsconsin people, eventually you have to quitcher complainin’ and get back to work or we’re just gonna hate ya for it.

  5. lostinutah Says:

    Brett sounds like the more thoughtful Brett I’m used to. I think he screwed up, but the way things played out, I think MM and TT were praying he’d stay retired – even if he’d been honest with them that he wasn’t sure he could.

    Just proves that all that crying at the press conference displayed a total confusion as to whether he was doing the right thing or not.

  6. Joe Says:

    This is juvenile. Either sit down and do a comprehensive interview and lay it all out on the table of shut up. These little asides are going to anger a lot of people. They certainly rub me the wrong way and they are not going to do anything to heal the rift between Brett and the organization any faster. His legacy is in Green Bay whether he likes it or not; he needs to realize that and help to heal the situation. If he does not realize that then he really is the hillbilly moron many have suggested he is.

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