Cuts come down – Herron and Morency gone


Read here from for the latest on the Pack’s 19 cuts. Morency and Herron the two most notable. One possible good sign is that the team kept a few players with injuries on the team, indicating that their injuries must not be too bad (KGB, Sitton).

I really want to put in a special mention here for Kregg Lumpkin – good for him. He very much deserved this opportunity. While Herron and Morency both had their merits, Lumpkin played hard and I don’t mind taking a chance on a guy like this one bit.

For what it’s worth – Brohm is listed #2 on the depth chart as of this morning. Just not updated on Not sure, but my guess is that they’ve kept him as the #2 guy. That doesn’t make sense to me.

16 Responses to “Cuts come down – Herron and Morency gone”

  1. Trav Says:

    I also read that Joey Horrible…I mean Harrington was released. Please, please, please do not let his name show up on the short list (or the long list for that matter) of possible back-up veteran QBs.

  2. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    Too bad to see Herron go. I thought he was really starting to come on. But I agree that its tough to criticize the team for going with the younger prospect.

    The Lions had to put two RBs on injured reserve, so they appear to be in the market for a third halfback. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Herron (or to a lesser extent Morency) land with the Lions.

    If Rodgers goes down and the Packers start Brohm over Flynn, I’d have a big problem. Until then it’s totally academic. Who cares?

    In the veteran QB department: Chris Simms, Brooks Bollinger, Jared Lozenson, Joey Harrington, Quinn Gray are all available now. For those playing along at home, Quinn Gray has the same number of career TDs as Chris Simms and has less than a third fewer INTs. The more you know. [/shooting star]

  3. awhayes Says:

    Joey Harrington ain’t done yet. We should get him asap. You’re dead wrong Trav.

    Just kidding, big-time. Kind of sad to see Herron go, but I think it was a good move. I feel for him too having been robbed recently. I guess he’s still really shaken by the whole thing – understandably.

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    More moves are inevitable.

    #1. Jansen must be replaced. Gafford, who went to the Bears after the first cut, was on the Bears cutlist yesterday. That means one of the remaining 53 will be cut soon.

    #2. Only three legitimate DT’s were kept. Pickett played exactly zero snaps in the pre-season. I sincerely hope he has recovered and will play up to his predicted level. Cole seems healthy and played ok in the pre-season. Jolly? Court date on Sept. 16. He is being charged with Felony drug possession. Yesterday the NFL anounced suspensions and penalties for Faulk and Martin of one game and two weeks pay. Both were charged and pleaded no contest to misdemeanor marijuanna possession. If Jolly pleads no contest? My guess, 5 games and 5 weeks pay. Negotiated down to 3 and 3. If they pursue trial and are guilty loss of the season. Thgat might not happen until nest year depending how fast trial are in Texas.

    #3. O-Line Kept Sitton and Wells. Big question on Wells is can he recover without reinjuring. Sitton knee. We’ll have to wait and see.

    #4. Kept 7 L.B’s. White is too important on Special Teams. Also, Hawk may not be coming back as fast as anticipated.

    There are many question to be anwered over the next eight days. Much will happen next week.

  5. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    RLC: I think it depends upon whether Jolly is is “in the program” already. As I understand it, this is completely confidential so we wouldn’t know. But I don’t think anyone has ever been suspended on their first strike. Favre wasn’t.

  6. Ron La Canne Says:

    The charge is Felony. Favre had no civil or criminal charges filed. I hope you’re right, however. Don’t know if Martin and Faulk were charge before, but they were only misdemeanors. He could have a very serious problem ahead.

  7. Cindy V Says:

    I’m sad to see Noah Herron was cut. I had a chance to meet with him last year at Football 101 for women. The break-in at his house definitely affected him. I was surprised they kept Hall and Kuhn as fullbacks. Lumpkin did deserve a spot on the team. He had a great training camp and pre-season.

  8. Ron La Canne Says:

    Interesting read from

    If you read between the lines more changes are likely this week. I might give odds that Rob Johnson will be back from retirement.

  9. cogliostro Says:

    i read somewhere that he (johnson) can’t come back since he’s employed by the front office now and it’s after july 1, or something to that effect. can’t find confirmation right now because the site i saw it at ( seems to be having difficulties. can anyone else verify about johnson?
    as to the rest of the roster, i am quite concerned about the defensive line (the DTs, really). however, jenkins can play DT, and i wouldn’t be surprised to see a mimic of the giants success from last season using 4 DEs on passing downs to rush the passer for some extra pressure. worked for them.

  10. Ron La Canne Says:

    That, of course, should have been Rob Davis. Unfortunately there is something called a stockpiling rule. T.T. is apparently in contact with the league about an exemption.

  11. DaveK Says:

    Who gets cut when the sign a long snapper? Bush? Preprah? White? Giacomini? I am guessing White. You hate to let him go but the depth at LB is outstanding and you would hate to thin out the secondary or O-Line.

  12. cogliostro Says:

    you’re right, of course. rob davis is the guy we’re talking about. (i thought johnson sounded funny…)
    anyway, here’s the article i was talking about:
    about halfway down the page, it says: “Any player on the reserve/retired list who is employed by a club off the field cannot be placed on the roster after the cutdown to 75 players.” guess that means davis is out of the running; if the article is accurate.

  13. Ron La Canne Says:

    DeShawn Wynn has been signed to the practice squad.

  14. Ron La Canne Says:

    And now it’s 8. Many of the young guys cut earlier. No herron and no Marency.

  15. Ron La Canne Says:

    Very active day today. Packers relase Ryan and Hodge then sign Punter Derick Frost (Redskins) and long snapper Brett Goode (Cut by Jaguars in June). I’m affraid the Hodge is going to be grabbed and won’t make the Practice Squad.

  16. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    Hodge is a surprise.

    Also, for those who are concerned about the depth chart: Flynn is now listed as the #2 QB.

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