Haven’t watched first half but…


Looks like Brohm opened up with a couple decent passes, but since then, he and Flynn have combined for 3 fumbles lost. I’ll bet if TT hasn’t thought about getting a veteran back-up much until now, he may be starting to think about getting one.

Here’s a thought: offer San Diego Nick Collins and a 6th round pick for Billy Volek.

5 Responses to “Haven’t watched first half but…”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    What did we learn from the first half? (1) Why the hell are we even playing this stupid game? Should have forfeited. (2) Also, better start looking for an experienced QB fast. (3) Coston now has a knee. They get to keep another rookie. (4) Yeah, Yeah! Mc Carthy looking at position players for the cut. (5) Grant got his test – he stood on the field for one play. No new injuries as far as I could tell. (6) At least McCarthy has ten days to work on this mess.

    I move that pre-season have only three games.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Brohm may develop into a good QB someday. He ain’t there yet. Flynn has got to be #2 now. And that’s not saying much. Ryan gives up punting and is now playing RB.

  3. awhayes Says:

    Ron – agreed. Check out latest post. Flynn clearly won.

  4. scott in wisconsin Says:

    What did you guys think of A-Rod’s “huddle presence”? I’m can’t decide if he’s just so stressed out and scared out of his wits out there still or if he just has no personality in the huddle. He seems straightfaced and ALL business. Maybe I haven’t watched enough other QBs over the years, you know, just watching Favre and all, so maybe I’m expecting too much for him to crack a smile or be a little loose going to the line of scrimmage? Favre always seemed to look like he let a nasty one rip in the huddle and would chuckle about it walking to the line of scrimmage. Guess I miss that in our QB.

  5. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    scott, there are worse things than losing an “at-will-er,” and some on-field stank, and i don’t think rodgers is scared – but i get your point. i also think he’s got personality, but he’s probably not one to crack many jokes on the field before he’s accomplished something.

    one thing i hope continues is his way of expressing frustration with players who don’t do their job. i think brett was usually pretty good at this — getting his point across without throwing a peytonfit. one of my favorite things to watch this preseason was on the play that b. jackson missed his blitz pickup and rodgers got creamed — while he was still on the ground, he just gave jackson a quick stare that would melt holes through a mile-thick glacier. it was all he needed to ‘say.’ that’s how a leader keeps things in order without ruining chemistry or losing respect.

    injuries seem to be the biggest worry for the team at this point. my only hope is that the big lebowski kills me before the germans can cut my dick off.

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