Flynn should be #2


Despite Matt Flynn losing a fumble (Brohm fumbled 3x losing 1), Flynn came back and continued to show that he’s a gamer. He is simply more comfortable out there than Brohm. If this has truly been a fair QB competition, Flynn wins. But I keep going back to the $900,000 signing bonus Brohm got versus the $64,000 bonus Flynn got. That alone makes having a truly objective QB competition difficult. If they do bring in a veteran, it will be really interesting to see who ends up on the roster between Brohm and Flynn. The easier management decision would be to just keep them both, not get a veteran and name Flynn #2. The cut decisions this year will be really interesting.

12 Responses to “Flynn should be #2”

  1. scott in wisconsin Says:

    I agree. I see more potential in Flynn, but the thing that concerns me is the stubbornness of TT and MM. They seem to sort of get a plan of action in their heads and stick with it no matter what. We saw that with the Favre issue. And I think we’re going to see that with the QBs. I would not be surprised to see BOTH rookie QBs stay on…. Because that is the plan. Must. Not. Deviate. From….The…Plan.

  2. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Read that last part in your best “Captain Kirk” voice for maximum effect. 😉

  3. Jordan Says:

    Where are the smart guys who said Brohm should start over Rodgers before he even played a down? Where you guys at? Show yourselves!

  4. Trav Says:

    Scott- Totally agree. I think TT and MM are rolling the dice and going with both rookies and putting all the eggs in AR’s basket. If he gets hurt, they either pick one and throw him into the fire or they pick up a veteran. At that point though, it is a crapshoot since you have the choice of an untested rookie or a vet who has 3-4 days to learn the systerm and lead the team. Either scenario doesn’t sound very promising.

  5. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    Here I go again “defending” Thompson… but of course he should keep both rookies. (And of course Flynn should be number 2). I will criticize Thompson if he does cut one of the rookie Qbs for some journeyman scrub.

    If Rodgers goes down the Packers are going to struggle. You think Chris Simms or Craig Nall is going lead them to a ticker tape parade? I’d feel just as comfortable giving Flynn a shot as I would Chris Simms (the name I hear most often).

  6. Aaron Rogders Says:

    Flynn should be number 2. Who cares about the signing bonus. The signing bonus obviously doesn’t have anything to do with how well you play. It is because of the screwed up system the NFL has that they pay rookies so much money with 0 NFL experience. The contracts should be wrote up AFTER the training camp…

  7. awhayes Says:

    Aaron that would be great if contracts were given after camp! I should have clarified that I don’t think the signing bonus matters one bit – the better player should play. But I’m not so sure the team sees it that way. I feel the same way re Darryn Colledge, if he doesn’t get it together, who cares that he was a second round pick, move on.

    DDD, my goal for the team would be to struggle as little as possible if Rodgers gets hurt and I think they would struggle less with a veteran of some kind in there than they would with one of the rooks. But it depends on who you bring in – I think Simms would be better than Flynn yes, and so would Culpepper, but I think Flynn would be better than Nall and some of the other weak options.

  8. PackSmack Says:

    As I mentioned in a recent post, Matt Flynn is a leader…you can tell by his game management, and clearly should be number two QB. I said before that Men Follow Matt Flynn, which is evident when you watch his behavior towards, and affect on, the guys who are with him on the field. Brohm does not have that affect on those around him. He is not the pure leader that Flynn is. People follow you or they don’t. Also, you do not win a national championship in any sport, at any level, without being able to execute some things in ways that are successful. Matt Flynn has some of that magic as was witnessed once again toward the end of the Tennessee game. There is no competition for Rodgers backup…it should be Flynn. Men Follow Matt Flynn because he leads them.

  9. Joe Says:

    I was at the game (took two of the three kids to their first Packer Game). The crowd was electric when Flynn was on the field. Everytimg Brohm came in, the fans seems to ask a collective, “what the heck?”

    Flynn has played much better and has earned the number 2 spot.

  10. Cheesehead Says:

    I’ve felt Flynn should be the starter ever since watching him play in the second pre-season game. His performance in the final two plays of the game vs. the Titans alone outshine anything Brohm did during the entire pre-season. I loved the way he showed leadership by escaping from pressure and then giving the receivers a chance to make a play. His throw on the two-point conversion was great too, a more experienced wide receiver would have gotten both feet in.

    Every time Brohm comes in to the game I quit watching because I know nothing is going to happen.

  11. scott in wisconsin Says:

    I think it all boils down to the signing bonuses they got as to what their spot is. It will be interesting to see what would happen if Rodgers got knocked out for a few games and Brohm was unable to handle the ship and how MM would handle the obvious question “Why not putt Flynn, in, Slim?”

  12. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i’m sure there’ll be a post about it, but it looks like flynn got the backup job.

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